The Evil Within 2 - Complete Solution of the Game

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"What is the one thing a man who has lost everything can do to move on?"

This is the dilemma faced by Detective Sebastian Castellanos, a drifting man forced to deal with his greatest fears. Desperate and far from everything, Castellanos decides to start again from what he holds most dear and begins a difficult and dangerous journey whose purpose is only one: to find and save his little girl, Lily.

The Evil Within 2 It's about this, about a man who faces his fears to get something extremely precious and important in return. The game, edited like its predecessor by master Shinji Miakami, has a lot to offer to fans of survival horror but has many pitfalls that could give you many problems. For this reason we decided to offer you, as we have done with other similar titles in the past, a complete solution that can guide you step by step in the discovery of the game. The rules are always the same: we'll make as few spoilers as possible, try not to distort the game and, of course, try to help you enjoy the experience 100%. After having made this necessary premise we can start, darkness awaits us.

1 - The adventure begins

You The Evil Within 2 are immediately thrown into the middle of the action. The game starts with you in a burning house (we won't say why clearly) and then you will immediately face a very hostile environment. This sequence is simple, follow the only possible path and enjoy the atmosphere. Take advantage of it to get familiar with the game controls, the camera and the speed of movement of the protagonist. At the end of the sequence with the house on fire, all you have to do is enjoy the long movie waiting for you.

After the video you will find yourself walking in the dark, with on-screen hints on the various controls at your disposal. If you walk in any direction, at some point a light will appear and you will have to follow it. This walk in the dark will last a few minutes, listen to the voices and look around because you will be given useful elements to better understand the story of the game.

In the end you will find yourself in an office with a ringing telephone. Don't look for a logical meaning because you won't find it, just answer the call and listen to what you are told. Look at the pictures of the agents hanging on the wall, they will come in handy later. After interrupting the call, stay in the room for a moment to learn more about the story. On the wall to the left of the desk you can see a drawing of Lily, while a little further to the right there are some honours awarded to the protagonist. Before leaving the room, go back to the photos of the agents and analyze them one by one for further information.

At this point all you have to do is leave the room and pick up the slide next to the black cat. Sit at the desk (the one where the cat is standing) to turn on the projector and use the clue you just found. Stand up and take the green gel that appeared in front of you, then go straight to the light and reach the first save point of the game. Save the game and analyze the mirror to move on to the next step.

2 - Inside the mirror

After a short upload a movie will appear, watch it and continue. Walk past the door and continue straight ahead to the opening behind the red tarp, then turn the other way and take the red door. The only door that opens in this long corridor is the one at the end on the left, go in and take a look at the absurd scene in front of you. After you have done this, take a closer look at the camera and the barrier that separates you from Baker, then examine the body and exit the room through the door in front of you. Continue straight ahead to a room with several bookshelves, turn right and move one to open a street (look at the marks on the floor to see which one to move).

At this point, before entering the new room, retrace your steps and retrieve the collectible in the room with the red light bulb that you should have glimpsed a few seconds earlier. After you have done this, go back to your library and enter the passage, go straight ahead and at the fork turn right. At the end of the corridor you will reach a room with a large staircase and you will hear a phone ring, answer and listen to what you are told. Go up the stairs and reach the first floor, then approach the big white door with glass in front of you. After you have done this, get down and enter the room to the left of the white door to retrieve another collectible, then come back and go up to the second floor. Continue along the corridor until you reach a door surrounded by red veils (you can't miss it), then go inside and look at what is happening in front of you.

Hide behind the sofas so that the killer doesn't see you, go around him and then reach the white door next to the murdered man. Open it and continue straight on until you reach another room with a large staircase, before you take it go right and open the red door to retrieve another collectible. After you have done this return to the staircase and climb to the third floor, enter the white doors in front of you and follow the mysterious man. Continue straight ahead until you reach a very strange exposure, investigate and enter the door that opened with a strange noise to your left. After you have done this, simply activate the elevator and proceed to the next area.

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