The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - where to find Screams and Words of Power!

In The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim there are a total of 20 Thu'um or Screams of the Dragon and they are types of magic that have nothing to do with spells, let alone magic.

Introduction: What are Screams and Words of Power

Each shout is composed of 3 or more Words of Power; the more words you learn the more powerful your shouts will be. You will find the Words of Power, exploring far and wide the vast world of Skyrim, on the Walls of Power of altars located in various dungeons or in unthinkable and difficult to reach places often protected by Dragons.

Once learned, the words must be unlocked with a dragon soul! Needless to say, what to do to reach them. When it comes to catacombs, you have to pave the way by fighting draugr in dungeons that always have only one possible way. When it comes to dragon hideouts, of course, you have to take out the beast that buzzes around them. It's hard work, isn't it? Don't worry, we've taken care of that too, below you'll find the guide to recover all the words of power!

It all begins when, during the Main Quest, the court wizard of Whiterun asks you to collect a Dragonstone at the Mound of Sad Falls, the same dungeon you have already visited to find the Dragon's Claw for the Riverwood merchant.

You should therefore already have the stone and also the first word of a scream. You haven't done it yet? It's time to do it!!!

When the wizard has the stone in his hands, the Dragon Alert will come, the Jarl will call you and send you and some of his men to face him (you are the only ones who have already met one in Helgen!) After killing the Dragon, at the Western Watchtower, the soldiers will ask you for proof of your being Dragon Blood, then you will unlock the first word of the scream with the newly absorbed Dragon Soul and try the Thu'um!

Returning to Whiterun, to report to the Jarl, the sky will be ripped open by a Thu'um invoking Dovahkiin. Speaking to the Jarl, he will explain to you that it is nothing more than the call of the Barbagrigia, the masters of the Way of the Voice, who ask to meet you, because you are the Dragon Blood! At this point you only have to climb the Gorge of the World and its 7000 steps, to reach Hrotgar Alto and meet the Barbagrigia. Here you will undergo simple tests to prove that you are really the Dovakhin, but to continue your training and learn all the Thu'um you must prove your worth by reaching the tomb of Jurgen Windcaller, first Barbagrigia and creator of the order, and recover his horn.

From this point on you will be given a series of side missions to find the words of power.

1 - Animal Alliance

"A shout for the wild beasts, rushing to fight by your side."
- ANIMAL (Raan)
Angarvunde, west of Riften

Rise of the Ancient, east of Falkreath.

Tomb of Ysgramor, northwest of Whinterhold.

2 - Whisper of the Aur

"Your scream turns to whisper, revealing the life form of all entities."
- LIFE (Laas)
Northwind peak, in the mountains between Windhelm and Riften

- SEARCH (Yah)
Valthume, east of Markarth

Volunruud, southeast of Mortal

3 - Ethereal form

"Thu'um yields to the embrace of emptiness giving you a form that cannot hurt and cannot be hurt."
- Blind Ditch, south of Whinterhold

- SPIRIT (Zii)
Fortress of the Lost Valley, halfway between Markart and Falkeath

- LEGA(Gron)
Ustengrav, north east of Morthal

4 - Disarmament

"You can pluck the weapon from the hands of the enemy."
- Weapon (Zun)Peak of Ancient Blood, on top of a mountain south of Morthal

- HAND (Haal)Snowy Veil Shrine, southeast of Windhem

5 - Shock

"The weak fear the Thu'um and flee in panic."
- FEAR (Faas)
Panorama of the Lingua Lunga, south of Riften

- LAMP (Ru)
Wrinkled Rock, west of Markarth

- TERROR (Maar)Labyrintian, in the labyrinth of Shalidor, southeast of Mothal

6 - Elemental Fury

"Thu'um infuses the wind speed into your arms, allowing you to strike faster."
- AIR (Up)
Dentedrago Crater, northeast of Markarth

- BATTAGLIA (Grah)Shriekwind Bastion, on the mountain north of Falkeath

- GRACE (Dun)
Statue of Meridia, west of Solitude

7 - Breath of Fire

"Breathe in air, breathe out flames and watch the hell that Thu'um generates."
- FIRE (Yol)
Skeleton Tumulus, northwest of Witherun

-HELL (Toor)
Sunderstone Gorge, west of Whiterun

- SUN(Shol)
The Gorge of the World, on top of the mountain east of Whiterun.

8 - Frost Blow

"Your breath is winter your Thu'um a blizzard"
Skyborn Altar, east of Morthal

- COLD (Krah)
Bonestrewn Ridge, south of Windhelm

- Frost (Diin)
Folghuntur, south of Solitude

9 - Frozen form

"Your Thu'um paralyzes the enemy instantly."
- ICE (IIiz)
Saarthal, southwest of Wintehold

- MEAT (Slen)
Mount Anthor, south-west of Winterhold

- STATE(Nus)

10 - Peace of Kine

"The voice calms the wild beasts, who lose the desire to attack or flee."
- KINE (Kaan)Fasting of Rannveig, south of Morthal

- PEACE (Drem)

Ragnvald, north of Markarth- TRUST (Ov)
Tumulus of the Fire Beyond, southeast of Whiterun

11 - Mark of Death

"Your vocal power sows panic among enemies, weakening their level of armor and life force."
- KILL (Krii)Desolate cave, west of Windhelm

Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood, southwest of Falkeath

Autumnwatch Tower, west of Riften

12 - Inexorable force

"Your voice is pure power, capable of wiping out anything that gets in your way."
- FORCE (Fus)Tumulus of the Sad Falls, south-west of Whiterun

- (Ro)Hrothgar Alto, east of Whiterun. During the mission La Via Della Voce.

- PUSH (Dah)
Hrothgar Alto, east of Whiterun. In the course of the mission The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

13 - Turbulent Shot

"Thu'um bursts forward, dragging you with it in the wake of the wind."
- TURBINE (Wuld)Hrotghar Alto, east of Whiterun. During the mission The Way of the Voice

- FURIA (Nah)
Truce of the Dead, west of Morthal

Volskygge, west of Solitude

14 - Deceptive Echo

(you will learn all three words at once)
"Thu'um spreads through the air inducing (Zul)

15 - Call Dragon

(you will learn all three words at once)
"Odahviing! Listen to my voice and manifest yourself! I call upon you in your time of need."
Hrotghar Alto, east of Whiterun. During the The Fallen mission.- SNOW (Od)
- Hunter (Ah)
- ALA (Viing)

16 - Clear Skies

(you will learn all three words at once)
"Skyrim bends to the power of Thu'um, as fog and stormy clouds are swept from the sky."
Hrotghar Alto, east of Whiterun. In the course of the mission The Throat of the World.

- SKY (Lok)
- SPRING (Vah)
- SUMMER (Koor)

17 - Dragon Ripping

(you will learn all three words simultaneously)

Hrotghar Alto, east of Whiterun. During Alduin's Misfortune mission.- MORTAL (Joor)

18 - Slow Time

"Scream against time and bend it to your command as the world around you stops."
- TIME(Tiid)
Labyrinthian, east of Morthal

- SAND(Klo)
Korvanjund, west of Whindelm

19 - Storm Call

"A cry to heaven and an invocation to the clouds that awakens the destructive force of lightning."
Ruins of the High Gate, east of Solitude

20 - Call to value

(you will learn all three words at once)
"The champion of the Grandsonghammer hears your invocation and travels through space and time to give you strength."
Oversized. During the Dragon Slayer mission.

- HERO (Hun)
- LEGEND(Zoor)

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