The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Guide to the Main Quests

In this article we will guide you step by step to the completion of the game, starting with a brief hint of setting to enter the mood of the game and then move on to the main quests. Don't be afraid, there's with you!

What's Skyrim? Basics

The region of Skyrim is characterized by different biomes, from autumn forests to snowy mountains. In the vast territory there are many villages, the first we visited is Riverwood: a peaceful village slightly defended by guards. There are also 5 big cities, the most important of the game, the first visited is Whiterun: a huge city defended by stone walls. This city is very advanced economically and has and can buy almost anything.

Inside Whiterun there is the castle of Dragonsreach, characteristic for the dragon head placed above the throne of the Jarl. During some quests we also came across 2 other areas.
The first is a forest in the vicinity of Whiterun, within it are some mineral veins and many hungry wolves. Near the forest there is an encampment of giants, not recommended to enter into low skill levels as the giants are able to literally throw us into the sky with a single shot. The second area visited is a snowy mountain south-west of Whiterun. In the area there is the "Sad Falls Mound", an ancient sanctuary where we will face a mission. For the moment this area has not been explored much.

Weapons, objects and workmanship

From each enemy eliminated we can collect objects, from swords to bows, from armor to boots, from magic crowns to rings and so on. To have a truly efficient equipment, however, we must work on these weapons or produce more powerful.

First there is the furnace that allows us to melt the ingots of metal that we have collected and forge new weapons or armor. Then we have the lathe that allows us to work further on these weapons making them stronger or more resistant. If, on the other hand, we don't have iron at our disposal we can always work on the furs of animals killed during our exploration. Further weapon upgrades can be obtained through spells, or through some potions that we find along the way, can be freezing potions, poisons and more.


An important thing in the game are the trades, we can sell or barter practically everything we collect around. By selling items you get gold coins that we can use to buy more valuable items. The main advice is to buy a metal armor to protect yourself and many potions to avoid dying if we are dying.

Shopkeepers not only sell potions to regenerate life, but also sell potions to regenerate vigor and magical aura. In addition, there are potions that can give a temporary magical power to our player.


The first fight with a dragon will be present in a mission, but after the dragons will randomly buy on the game map. We can meet a dragon in any situation, even while we are trading in the city. To take down a dragon we have to arm ourselves with a bow and many arrows, so that we can hurt it enough to bring it down.

If the arrows are scarce we can try to reach an elevated position to hit it with a sword or a bat. Once wounded, the dragon will fall to the ground and we can finish the job by killing it completely. When the dragon is finally eliminated, we can get closer and absorb its magical aura.

Special levels and skills

As you kill enemies or complete objectives, our skill level will increase. By completing a level you will be able to upgrade the player's three main features (Magic Aura, Health, Stamina). There are also special abilities that will develop as we perform certain actions, for example, as we kill enemies, our ability with weapons will increase. Or again, as we steal and pickpocket people it will increase our stealth skills and so on.

All special abilities and their effects can be controlled through the "constellation of abilities", a subspecies family tree containing everything we've learned so far and everything we can learn as we progress through the game.

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