The Elder Scrolls:Blades Guide Upgrades and Decorations

At The Elder Scrolls: Blades you don't just fight, you need to increase your prestige level in the city to get decorations create new buildings and upgrade them. They are not activities that are an end in themselves, but they help you get a lot of bonuses and complete quests more easily thanks to better items.

This Guide to Upgrades and Decorations in the City contains all the information you need to raise the level of the city and make it look good. The level of the city is actually quite important, because the higher it is the more you will be able to build and create.

Prestige is what you need to raise the level of your city. Every time you put a new building or decoration, you get prestige points. You also get prestige by placing buildings on Ruins that remove these devastated parts of your city. The city level determines which buildings you can place, but also how much you can upgrade them. If you want to start creating better objects, then you should focus on building your city.

One of the problems with building the city at the moment is that the resources are very difficult to find. With this guide to the tricks and tips of The Elders Scrolls: Blades you'll discover how to get resources and make the city even better.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades | City Guide

City map

The city consists of building land and decoration areas. You can place various buildings in these areas, but some of the larger ones will take up two spaces. So make sure you take this into account when building. Decorations that can be placed on the areas include trees, banners, statues and more. Below is a map where you can view all available areas for buildings and decorations. The map has been published on Reddit.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades City Enhancements Guide - List of Buildings

Here is a complete list of buildings that you can put in your city. Each building has three versions: Wood, Stone and Castle. These do not improve the quality of the objects they create, but only change the style and add a little more prestige to the building. Some buildings require a higher city level before they can be built. Below is information about the resources required to build the buildings. The guide will be updated continuously.

Alchemy Lab

The alchemy laboratory is where you can create potions and poisons.

The alchemist sells potions and poisons and produces them for customers who supply their ingredients.

Required resources

Wood: 60 copper, 77 limestone, 88 wood
Stone: 51 lumber, 85 limestone, 68 copper
Castle: 102 copper, 119 limestone, 68 timber

Enchanter's Tower

If you want to enchant your objects, then this is the building to create.

An enchanter can infuse weapons, armour and jewellery with permanent magic effects.

Required resources

Wood: 88 copper, 99 limestone, 114 timber
Stone: 66 lumber, 110 limestone, 88 copper
Castle: 132 copper, 154 limestone, 88 timber


This is where you can buy and sell armor and weapons, temper and dismantle them for resources.

Visit her to buy, sell, recover and upgrade weapons and armor.

Required resources

Wood: 95 lumber, 46 limestone, 42 copper
Stone: 64 copper, 80 limestone, 48 lumber
Castle: in update


If you are looking for decorations for your city, then the Workshop is your main option. It will also sell you materials that are updated randomly every day!

The workshop manages the construction of statues, banners and other decorations of the city and also sells building materials such as timber, limestone and copper.

Required Resources



The reconstruction of the houses will increase the population of Olympus, while their updating will increase the prestige of the city.

Required resources

Wood: 52 lumber, 45 limestone, 40 copper
Stone: 40 copper, 50 limestone, 30 lumber
Castle: 60 copper, 70 limestone, 40 timber

Farmhouses and farms

The same goes for the houses: the reconstruction of the houses will increase the population of Olympus, while their updating will restore the prestige of the city.

Resources required

Timber: 52 lumber, 45 limestone, 40 copper
Stone: 40 Copper, 50 limestone, 30 sawn timber
Castle: 60 Copper, 70 limestone, 40 lumber

The Elder Scrolls: Blades Guide - List of Decorations

Most decorations can be created in the lab, but there are some that require unlocking by completing missions.

Small decorations

Black, blue, red, white flags: you can create them whenever you want.
Bloodfall Flag: Complete the Mission "The Bloodfall Queen".
Decorative planters: 10 seeds, 5 copper, 1,500 gold.
Well: 100 Lumber, 10 Bronze, 2,500 gold.
Imperial Seal: Complete Goblin Quest.
Mulberry tree: 5 seeds, 1,000 gold.
Potted plants: 10 copper, 5 seeds, 1,500 gold.
Short shrub: 5 seeds, 500 gold.
Small torch: 1 fabric, 50 lumber, 500 gold.
Small Cedar: 5 seeds, 1,000 gold.
Tall mulberry tree: 5 seeds, 2000 gold.
High shrubs: 5 seeds, 1,000 gold.
Training dummy: 4 fabric, 80 lumber, 1,500 gold.
Flowerbeds: 5 seeds, 500 gold.

Medium Decorations

Archery range: 10 fabric, 100 lumber, 10"

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