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Directly from the previous chapter, the faction of hunters returns bringing us one of the toughest challenges in the game. There are 12 Hunters scattered around the game map that once defeated will leave us with their respective masks.

The 12 hunters are really tough!

Some of them even release some Ivory Keys, necessary to open the special case in the Base of operation. The chest is to the right of the Barber, you can't miss it.

Inside you will find the skin Bianca,Ax of the Hunters as a trophy for the backpack and above all the high-end assault rifle Shield Splinterer – F2000.


We recommend reaching out first level 30 before embarking on this research. Some Hunters will only appear in a certain time slot, you can check what time it is from the “Photo Mode”.

1 - Demon Mask

La first mask that you can get into The Division 2, will be available after a sidequest involving the first Hunter. To find the latter, go to this building in Downtown East:
Enter, reach the inner courtyard. Eliminate the enemies in your path, they would be a nuisance. Once you get here, if you look up at the windows you will notice 4 targets. Eliminate them starting from the highest one, up to the lowest one and the boss will make an appearance.

Remember that these four enemies are prowling on level 35: better not underestimate them.

This boss can appear at any time of the day.

2 - Spirit Mask

Reach the stronghold Capitol Building, and head to the Memorial at the point indicated.

Place yourselves in front of to the Monument. Run the emote Greeting while you hold it well in the frame.

WARNING! It could be necessary do the Saloon several times before the Hunter decides to make his appearance. In case he doesn't appear, try vary slightly the shot!

This Hunter it will appear only after 21 pm.

3 - Crimson Mask

Reach the outpost District Union Area, in Downtown East, and enter the building indicated:
Inside, to the south, you will find a desk with a phone, operate it. Once this is done, go through the courtyard to the north and you will find an office with another desk and another telephone. Once you get it interacted with the latter, the Hunter will make his appearance in the courtyard.

This Hunter can also be dealt with at any time of the day.

4 - Midas Mask and Revenant Mask

These two masks can be obtained during the same event but that also means that you will have to face two Hunters at the same time, so be prepared for good and if you can get help from some friends.

Reach the Potomac Relief Center. Climb the gates of the CERA, you will find yourself in a swimming pool. There will be one black case with the inscription WAX, place yourselves above its lid and frame the number 336.

Use the emote Saltelli, and continue until the two Hunters appear.

The two Hunters appear after 19pm.

NOTE: there may be a secondary mission in the area. It is advisable carry it out to avoid getting in the way of the fight.

5 - Ghoul Mask

Reach the expanse of water in the photo, you can get there during the main Lincoln Memorial mission, and reach the underground entrance to the south.

Go through the sewers until you find an ECHO. Near the ECHO it is possible to see a map: mark the position indicated above e head there. You need to find a roof over a stack of shipping containers. Shoot to the light bulb under the roof and get ready for the fight.

This Hunter will be passable only after 19pm.

6 - Cross, Death, Ectoplasm and Diamond masks

Abstract: let's start by saying that you may have to face up to 5 Hunters at the same time. We therefore recommend face this event as a group.

Reach the cafeteria present in the park. Inside, next to the coffee machine, you will find a lever. Once activated, exit and head towards Christmas tree. You will have to go around it clockwise until the Hunters appear.

These Hunters will appear in the game after 21.

WARNING! In case one of your companions dies, they will come back to life in the nearest outpost. If you kill a Hunter before he can return to the battle site, your companion will not get the Mask!

7 - Ghost mask

Conquer the outpost at Monument a West Potomac Park. Inside the Supply Depot, after 21, it will be possible to interact with a button.

The monitor above it will show 3 points on the map. Reach them in the following order:

  1. Sweaters, Jerseys and Cardigans top left.
  2. Sweaters, Jerseys and Cardigans top right.
  3. Sweaters, Jerseys and Cardigans bottom center.

You will discover that these are three tombs. You have to position the character on every grave and make the military salute while framing the Monument. If the game screen is glitched for a second, it means that the procedure is being performed correctly.

Exit the Depot. Of in front of the Monument you will find a Division circle on the floor. Go inside and face the Hunter.

NOTE: this mask can also be obtained finding some of the Hunters that go around near the Monument. If your screen glitchas for a moment it means that you are near one of them.

They are usually posted on the roofs in the area of ​​the Monument, then use a sniper rifle to take them out in one shot before they escape.

8 - Ghost Mask

First get to the outpost The Castle, and head to theContaminated Area to the West. You will find a large building with 2 rows of 8 windows each, one above and one below. Now let's proceed calmly:

  • You can see that the windows are vertical rectangles made up of 2 squares one over the other.
  • You will have to shoot ONLY the squares that make up the lower half of the window.

Leaving from the row below, shoot the squares starting from left to right. Then shoot the line that is aboveAlways in the same verse.

If everything was done correctly, the Hunter will join the fight. This Hunter can be dealt with at anytime.

NOTE: the Hunter may not spawn, in which case try switching sessions. Sometimes it will spawn just by shooting any already broken windows.

If the sequence is wrong, exit the game and try again.

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Please note that The Division 2 It is available on 4 PlayStation, Xbox One and PC.

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