The Division 2 | All the Tricks and Strategies

In this guide you'll be taken by the hand through the adventure proposed by The Division 2 . We will provide you with the most useful tips and tricks to get the better of all game situations. Besides tips for beginners, you will also find strategies on combat mechanics, character development, crafting and equipment modification, as well as information about statistics, skills and benefits.

The Division 2 is the second installment of the popular action series with RPG elements that focuses on the multiplayer mode. This time, the action takes place in Washington, a city that is on the verge of collapse. The lives of ordinary citizens are made difficult by organized groups of mercenaries, bandits and robbers. The player once again takes on the role of a Division agent, an elite unit fighting new dangers.

Check this guide to tricks and strategies before you start the game. They will help you get to know the world of this complex title and will be useful for both beginners and experienced players.

The Division 2 | Tricks for Survival

Below you will find tips and tricks so that you are not unprepared in any situation proposed by The Division 2 . The section will be updated with the best strategies to keep at hand at all times.

Use covers and pay attention to your surroundings

The Division 2 is a shooter, the use of covers is crucial. Always stay behind a cover and remember to change your current position often, especially when there is an opponent attacking from the side.
Also pay attention to the surroundings. The game offers a minimap (the only exception is in the dark zones) that marks the positions (using red danger zones) from which the enemy is coming, giving you time to prepare yourself. The minimap also marks the positions of all nearby pickups, those left behind by the enemy, as well as various backpacks, bags and trunks found around the world.

Shooting at weak points and using active skills

At higher difficulty levels, the enemy can absorb a lot of damage before they die. Aiming accurately at precise cover points, however, can make a difficult encounter a simple fight. All you have to do is aim for the head, or another weak spot. Also pay attention to enemy objects and animations to catch: shooting at ammunition bags, a grenade that is thrown or held on your belt can make all the difference because you won't waste ammunition. As your character develops and gains access to better equipment, the cooling time of abilities will decrease, so it is recommended to use active abilities to improve efficiency in combat.

Cooperate with other players

Collaboration during battles is very important: don't run around the map to engage opponents alone in combat, especially at higher difficulty levels, but rather help your teammates and eliminate targets together. Also, the right choice of skills or a slight modification in your weaponry can increase your effectiveness in combat. You'll also need to revive your downed allies. When your ally's health points drop to zero, they will be shot down. When this happens, you will have sixty seconds to revive your ally. Always pay attention to your allies' health levels and help them if necessary.

Use grenades wisely

Leave grenades for special occasions, such as more difficult opponents or situations where there are really too many, but also avoid storing them. As well as inflicting massive damage, grenades destroy enemy ranks and can turn a dangerous situation into one in your favour, giving your team a few seconds to regroup.

Always look around

Enemies The Division 2 love to throw grenades. Fragmentation grenades aren't the only dangerous ones, as non-lethal ones can disorient your character, leaving you completely vulnerable for a few seconds. Always search around the battlefield and if a grenade or object comes at you, run to another cover or destroy it in mid-air if you can.

Every enemy has a weakness

Snipers should be eliminated when they're reloading. Likewise, an opponent using a light machine gun needs a few seconds to reload his weapon. When enemies fight close quarters, they often charge players, leaving them vulnerable to flank fire and special abilities, such as turrets. Use these weaknesses to your advantage.

Eliminate the most dangerous opponents first

The biggest danger comes from the enemies who load all their firepower on players - take them out and you're good to go. So take care of the snipers - they inflict huge damage, but it's pretty easy to defeat them if you don't panic and dance in front of their sights. Hiding behind cover will allow you to take care of other opponents, while heavily armed opponents can be bypassed by jumping from cover to cover and increasing the engagement distance.

Unlock the weapon slots and perks as soon as possible.

The first ability allows you to carry an additional main weapon (2 instead of 1), while the second unlocks the ability to use two active abilities. These skills should be unlocked at the start of the game - when you meet the Quartermaster for the first time.

These are some tips and tricks that you can use in The Division 2 .

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