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    The Division 2 | All the Side Activities Guide

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    The Division 2 , the second installment of the Ubisoft series, is an action with RPG elements that is based on the online multiplayer component. For this, within the game world, players can find an incredible amount of missions and events.

    To earn experience points and better equipment, you must complete a large number of main and side missions. In this guide we're going to see what the side activities are, how to unlock them and the rules of each of them.

    The Division 2 | Side activities

    Bounty hunter

    During bounty hunter activities, you must eliminate a specific boss that will be reported to you. Your allies choose an enemy / unique boss as their target, and your job is to eliminate him or her within the set time limit. This section will explain how to participate in these activities.

    How to get started

    As you can easily imagine, the targets do not appear on the map but you have to find them first. To do this, you need to complete a Project, the side missions available in the Settlements, such as Theater, which is unlocked after completing the mission of the second story. When you are inside a settlement, activate the map, locate the person responsible for the projects and interact with them.

    The window that just opened allows you to choose between some projects. To complete them, all you have to do is give a certain amount of resources to the control points in the district and complete a main or side task. When you complete a Project, an icon will appear on the map showing a boss that needs to be eliminated.

    Eliminate the target

    When a Bounty activity starts, you have 15 minutes to eliminate the target. Contrary to what you might think, that's more than enough time, so there's no need to hurry. You need to get to the location indicated on the map that houses the boss and his group of guards. The combat doesn't differ much from what you might have encountered during normal missions: you have to eliminate all opponents and take care of the boss to complete it. The defeated boss can drop valuable equipment, while completing the mission produces additional rewards such as experience points, items or crafting materials.

    What happens if the bounty doesn't go as expected?

    The task may not go as planned: time may run out, or the enemy may turn out too strong and defeat you before you manage to kill him. In such cases, the mission fails and you cannot repeat it instantly. Don't worry, because after a while, it will appear again as a project: you'll have to complete the objectives to make the enemy appear on the map, in the same place as before.

    Tip: It is advisable to have an ally or a team of 4 men with you. The enemies will be stronger, but the mission will not end in failure if the enemy defeats you.

    Broadcasting Propaganda

    Propaganda broadcasts are some of the many randomly generated activities that can be encountered on the game map. The goal of these missions is to take control of the speaker system and start broadcasting propaganda. This chapter will explain how to complete these activities.

    Transmission System Acquisition

    When you reach the position indicated by the marker, start by eliminating nearby opponents. There will only be a handful of them, so you should deal with the problem quickly. When you eliminate opponents, approach the speaker system shown by the mission marker. Your mission is to activate and defend it when transmitting propaganda. Look around for a good place to hide, then activate the system and prepare for combat.

    Protect the speaker

    As soon as you activate the transmission system, the enemies will start to approach your position. Take a look at your minimap: the red area shows which direction the enemy is coming from, allowing you to position yourself to respond to an enemy attack. After fighting a few waves of opponents, the enemy will start to enter from a different side. Also, after a while, the speaker system will freeze: you'll need to get closer and restart it.

    After rebooting the system, you'll have to defeat more waves of opponents. When the area is "clear", the mission will be completed and you will receive experience points, crafting materials or equipment for your character.

    Control Points

    In The Division 2 , the player can take part in a wide range of additional activities that are not part of the main plot or side quests. One of these activities is the Checkpoint. This paragraph will tell you how to complete it and the rewards for completing the activity.

    What are missions Checkpoint

    Control points are designated areas within districts controlled by one of the enemy factions. The player can reach one of these positions and start conquering the zone. Once the mission has been activated and you have arrived on the scene, you will face a large group of opponents, together with the commander of the area. The player will receive support from allied soldiers who will appear to help him/her fight the enemy faction.

    When the zone is cleared, the roles are reversed: now you have to defend the zone from the enemy counterattack. Evaluate finding a good position around the area and look at the minimap to locate your opponents (the area marked in red will inform you of their positions). During this phase, you can use the heavy machine gun inside the area. After defeating the group and its leader, the control point will be conquered.

    Advantages of acquiring control points

    Releasing control points offers some advantages, including:

    • The possibility to travel quickly. You can travel quickly to each of the captured points. This facilitates travel within the district and makes it quicker to reach your goals.
    • The ability to provide resources to the resistance. Thanks to this, the character will receive a bonus that will make the nearby containers more visible. In addition, some of the missions in the project require you to provide resources to these checkpoints.
    • Unlocking the supply rooms. Each checkpoint contains a supply room. Inside, you will find some chests with crafting objects and materials. The supply rooms fill up every few hours, allowing you to pick up items.

    Public execution

    Public execution is an activity that requires rescuing hostages from an enemy execution. A group of opponents capture some of your allies and plan to execute them. The mission begins when you reach the area and start shooting at your opponents. Your task is to eliminate your opponents and avoid getting the hostages killed. After defeating certain groups of opponents, the task will be completed.

    The reward depends primarily on how many hostages you manage to keep alive - more hostages means more rewards. The task is rewarded with experience points, credits, as well as items and/or crafting materials. If all the hostages have been killed before you succeed in eliminating your opponents, the mission will be considered to have failed.

    Rescue operation

    Rescue operations are similar to the missions of the Public Execution activity. Your task is to reach the area where the hostages are, eliminate all opponents and take the hostages out of the locked room. This activity differs from the Public Execution activity because in this case the hostages do not take part in the fight and cannot die.

    In addition, you will encounter more opponents. Once the hostages are released, you will receive a reward in the form of experience points, credits, items and/or crafting materials.

    Recovery of supplies

    In The Division 2 , Retrieval of supplies is one of the rarer side activities and, at the same time, an activity that has the shortest time limit. There will be some crates of supplies that appear in the location marked on the map, and you must reach them before your opponent recovers it.


    When such an activity appears on the map, go to the location as soon as possible, as you have very little time before your opponents reach it. Your task is to reach the crate and interact with it to retrieve the items found inside. Since your enemy has the same objective, a firefight will surely occur. Enemies will come in small waves, from all sides. Also, you have to be careful of enemies trying to interact with the coffers - if you don't eliminate them quickly enough, the contents will be lost.


    • Enemies will be more focused on retrieving the contents of the crates than on you. As a result, constantly monitor the state of the crates to prevent enemies from robbing everything.
    • Try to get to the drop zone as soon as possible. If you are fast enough, you will be able to open at least one crate before the enemy approaches your position.
    • Don't try to open the chests when there are enemies nearby or if they are shooting at you. Opening the chests requires interaction with the object for a few seconds, during which time your character will be exposed to attacks. It is best to clear the area and open the crates only then.

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