The Darkness 2 : Guide and Location to Relics

Below is a complete guide to the 29 Relics hidden in the dark universe of The Darkness 2 Relics are basically objects that you will often find surrounded by lighted candles that emit a great glow. Collecting the Relics, in addition to getting the trophy / goal related, will also serve to unlock a story about each of it (often very funny stories) to which you will have access through the START menu.

1-Roaonake's Bane: After meeting a Darkling for the first time, the game will ask you to break down a door. On the other side you will find yourself in the alley shown in the picture, on the ground in front of the mural you will find the relic.

2-Lament of Yhwh: Once you have got off in the subway, you arrive at the flight of stairs that takes you to the center of the platform between 2 incoming trains. Before continuing on the platform to massacre the enemies, go behind the stairs that led you to the platform and you will find the relic in a sort of basement.
Help yourself with the following picture for any problem.

3- The real revelation: Go up the stairs to Jackie's house and once at the top go left until you reach a bedroom. You will find the relic on the cabinet under the picture shown in the picture.

4-Sister of Light: Immediately after entering the Swifty's billiard room, enter the small door on the right to enter the area with the video games cabins. You will find the relic next to one of them.

5-Dark Man: Once you leave the billiard room, look at the bottom, to the left of the skill shop.
"Buy talent," to notice the relic.

6- The Trinity: After defeating Swifty's crane, look inside the bunker at the back of it.

7-A BRIEF...

8-Chime of Deliverance:
After chasing Swifty and activating several switches, you will arrive at the point shown in the picture below:

Go to the door shown in the following picture and look to the right to find the relic.

9-I Brothers of Men: When you get to the point where you'll have to infiltrate the Lucky Mannequin brothel, as soon as you get out of the limousine, instead of entering the premises inspect the parking lot to find the relic behind a white truck.

10-The Key of Mictlan: Immediately after you use the Darkling for the first time, you will regain control of Jackie and find the relic on your path immediately after an open heavenly door.

11-Squeeze thumbs: Immediately after you get rid of the cross look behind it to find the relic.

12-A BRIEF...

13-Winged Demon: After the fight in the parking lot, you will enter Jackie's house. As soon as you enter, turn immediately to the left and tear off the iron door that you will find on the right wall, inside this door you will find the relic on the ground.

14-Blinding Sun: As soon as you enter Jackie's house from the balcony, you'll see a Darkling putting out the fire with pee. Go into the room with the path lit to find the relic on the ground.

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