The Best Weapons in Far Cry 5

In Far Cry 5 the weapons are certainly not lacking, around the map we can find every kind of rifle, pistol, machine gun, and whoever has more. Precisely for this reason, players who want to upgrade their weapons often do not know on which to invest their hard earned money.

So we have created this guide that lists which are the most suitable weapons for certain common situations, so you can decide right away on what to spend your resources and your time, also for each weapon we recommend accessories to mount, which can be very useful.

SBS - Best close-range weapon

Recommended accessories: reflex viewfinder (optional)

Sometimes it happens to get too much attention in Far Cry 5, especially when you're in a hurry, alarming the whole county with your presence, in these cases we will find ourselves chased by dozens of cultists without brains, this could be a big problem for many people, but not for those who have SBS. This powerful double-barreled shotgun has a decidedly surprising range and is capable of annihilating the weakest enemies in a split second, and is also very effective against VIP cultists and armoured men. We highly recommend that you combine it with incendiary ammunition for memorable moments.

AR-CL - Best long range weapon

Recommended accessories: Marksman ADV-X viewfinder, silencer

It's a very effective weapon over long distances and with the silencer you'll become really invisible to the enemy, so it's perfect for those who like more stealthy approaches. Also if things don't go as they should the versatility of the AR-CL could save your life, in fact by pressing V you can change the firing mode, and then switch from single shot to burst from three and automatic.

1911 - Best secondary stealth weapon

Recommended accessories: silencer

The most common gun in Far Cry 5, but also the best to carry at all times, especially if you're a stealth player. This weapon also has enough power to take down most enemies with a blow to the head and also has excellent maneuverability.

Magnopulser - Best sci-fi weapon

Recommended accessories: none

If you complete a series of side missions with Larry, the mad scientist from Holland Valley, you'll receive the Magnopulser, a strange piece of technology from who knows where, which shoots an explosion of energy that makes anything fly through the air. It's a very comfortable weapon, and above all fun, because it doesn't need ammunition, so you can bounce around the cultists as long as you want, but be careful because if you use it too much it will overheat. However, it doesn't do damage from a distance, but it's very useful to throw an incoming wave to the ground and eliminate it as you wish, but if a cultist is too close to the Magnopulser it will dissolve into a thin red mist.

AR-C - Best medium range weapon

Recommended accessories: red dot or reflex viewfinder, extended magazine

The AR-C is incredibly versatile, it's the best assault rifle in Far Cry 5, as it offers good accuracy and maneuverability, and the ability to alternate firing modes make it effective in any situation. However, you have to be careful not to finish the shots in the magazine right away, even if you have the extended magazine, so we recommend leaving it mainly in burst mode of three.

M249 - Best anti-vehicle

Recommended accessories: none

Of course, you can also use an RPG to shoot down vehicles easily, but you'll probably run out of rockets right away, instead the M249 has plenty of them. In fact, although the output damage is not very high, the magazine capacity and the rate of fire can ruin in no time each vehicle and is also able to mow down armoured enemies.

MS-16 Trooper - Best Semiautomatic Rifle

Recommended accessories: red hot or reflex viewfinder

It may not be the most versatile weapon in Far Cry 5, but it's very satisfying to use, and it's the ideal weapon for those who like to control their rifle in every way, because its rate is as fast as your finger on the mouse, the faster you click it, the faster it shoots. If you also have the perk mastery of the rifle, which reduces the dispersion of the bullet, you can make headshots in industrial quantity.

SMG-11 - The best SMG

Recommended accessories: extended magazine

If you want to choose something different from your usual gun, the SMG-11 is for you. Its rate of fire is hallucinating, with this weapon you can empty a magazine on a target in a split second. It's a lot of fun to use while driving or zip-line, i.e. in situations where accuracy is not a necessity.

Slingshot - The best useless weapon

Recommended accessories: none

When you see this weapon you immediately start thinking about its uses, like stun the guards or distract them by shooting rocks around, but the slingshot does virtually nothing of the sort. It seems that the enemies do not seem to care much about the noise of the stones and if they are hit directly the damage is very low, can also shoot arrows for some reason but they do not go very far. The use that we recommend for this weapon is to give it to a friend of yours while you play in coop and see his desperation while trying to cope with a horde of cultists.

Brass knuckles - Best hand-to-hand weapon

Recommended accessories: none

If you buy the brass knuckles they will become your new predefined punches for fast and effective hand-to-hand situations. In most cases melee weapons are not used, for example, if there are three or more enemies in an outpost, using a brass knuckle is not very useful, in fact it's suicide. But beating up a cultist is priceless, so we recommend using the knuckle draughts while you're finishing cleaning out an outpost. To easily knock someone down, you just need to get close to the target, punch him with a loaded punch to stun him and hit him in the head until he crumples. It's also a good way to take down enemies, especially when we're running out of ammo.

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