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The best tricks Clash of clans gems Without a doubt, the Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games for mobile phone or tablet that we have. Only the Angry Birds or Candy Crash can boast of having achieved a success similar to the Clash of Clans. His proposal, one of the keys of success is simple: develop your own village and his army, defend it and create clans along with others to attack enemy villages. To do this you need gold, elixir and gems. It is not always easy to get gems, but luckily we have clash of clans tricks to get unlimited gems that make the work easier.

How to get free gems

There are two ways to answer the question about how to get gems Clash of clans: get gems through the "regular" channels, by paying for them or through the game. We rule out the option of paying, so we have to get gems playing the Clash of Clans, completing goals and advancing levels. For example, as your village grows you will need to remove the obstacles, and for every two trees, rocks, or bushes that you remove you win a gem. And if you are lucky, you will receive gems two times in a row. To complete goals and also remove a number of obstacles you will receive gems, and Clash of Clans will award you with gems to improve your troops of friends who need them. If you're already a veteran of the Clash of Clans you may have noticed that to win trophies and Leagues, you also receive gems. 

Tricks to get free gems

Before talking about the tricks to get free gems clash of clans, you should know that no program will allow you to get infinite gems for your village. If you do a quick search on the internet you will find a lot of hacks and tricks that aren't reliable. They are a hook so that you enter into the sites and download its software, you soon discover that it's a fake. Moreover, some of these sites warn that the trick "may not have effect". If you really want to get free clash of clans gems, the best trick you can do is to download an app that includes gems as a reward for clash of clans or money to buy them in your smartphone or tablet. For example, Gums Up, that through filling surveys, using and testing other apps or even watching videos, you can earn points (gums) which will gradually become money of PayPal, Google Play gift cards, App Store gift cards, etc. Once you've got the Gums enough, you can change them for money to buy gems and continue with the development of your village of Clash of Clans.

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