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Were you one of those who spent hours and hours playing at the arcade? Then you must like Arcade games, a type of game that recreates these old machines that were found in arcades and public places.

These pinball games marked a whole generation, so now there are video games that recreate these machines so you can relive the excitement and fun of yesteryear.

We’re going to talk about the best arcade games for XBOX ONE so you can learn about the must-have games in this industry. You will love them!


Get ready to have a great time with the usual games! On consoles like the XBOX ONE you can discover incredibly fun Arcade games that will give you a great time. Here is a list of the best of the 2020s to keep you on track. Gamers: ready to go


Of course, one of the best arcade games for XBOX ONE is World of TanksThe game is one of the most amazing games on the market today. It is a battle that is played online and where you can drive cars that were part of the Second World War.

A perfect video game to feel like a pro in this battle and to test your skills and strategy that will help you win the war. WoT is one of the most popular tank games of the moment and features historically accurate war cars.

  • Launch date: 12/04/2012
  • Gender: War, Battles, Cars
  • Number of players: Online Massively Multiplayer


Shovel Knight is another great arcade game for XBOX ONE. It is an action game that is designed in 2D and with the classic 16-bit so you can remember the emotion of when you played years before.

In this game you will get under the skin of a gentleman who is armed with a shovel. A very surprising weapon but one that can be lethal. The objective of this game is to advance through different screens and kill the cursed knights that come your way. The goal is to reach the enchantress to save the kingdom from a great curse. Will you succeed?

  • Launch date: 26/06/2015
  • Gender: Action
  • Number of players: Single player or Multiplayer


This is another one of the best Arcade games and they will make you pass it on. This is a 2D video game that was created with the help of Ryuichi Nishizawa, the author of Wonder Boy. In this game we will know a sequel that will be full of enemies and in which we will listen to some of the most famous songs of the saga.

During the development of the game you will have to defeat different characters, take advantage of hidden passages and learn how to use the skills. The objective of the game is to end a curse that puts all of humanity in danger, and to do so, Monster Boy will have 5 different transformations that will give him all the powers he needs.

  • Launch date: 4/12/2018
  • Gender: Action, Adventure
  • Number of players: 1


Below we're going to talk about the best arcade games for XBOX ONE in 2018 because many of us are still taking advantage of the games we bought last year. That said, you should know that there are many different varieties but we have only selected the best of the best. Take note!


It is a game that is based on the multiplayer games that were so popular at friend gatherings. It is an adventure that places us in a universe full of archers and where the characters must face each other in pitched battles armed with their bow and arrow.

There is the possibility of playing in "Co-op" mode, a type of game that pits two players against each other and with which adventures can be shared. In total, during the development of the adventure you will find yourself in 50 scenarios and you will be able to customize the combats in 67 different ways. You will love it!

  • Launch date: 25/06/2015
  • Gender: Action, Battles, Adventures
  • Number of players:1 or 2


Another game that has been sweeping the board for some years now and is still one of the best in the Arcade is Slime Rancher. It is an action game in which you put yourself in the shoes of a warrior who has to fight in space. You must defeat the Slime, an alien creature that threatens the survival of our species.

  • Launch date: 1/08/2017
  • Gender: Action
  • Number of players: Multiplayer


And we end this article with the best XBOX ONE Arcade games to tell you about one of the classics most loved by all of us: PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 for Xbox One. In this version of the game we find a very similar tone to the original game but with the difference that different mazes are added and it has a better defined graphic design.

Here you can enjoy a more sophisticated perspective, as well as fight with much more surprising characters such as giant bosses. This game includes the Score Attack mode that is one of the most sought-after by fans.

  • Launch date: 22/02/2018
  • Genre: Adventures
  • Number of players: 1

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