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Have you ever felt like talking about Microsoft Money? For those who haven't, Microsoft Money was a well-known Windows program that aimed to manage the finances of its users. This portal was removed a few years ago and many users are looking for alternatives to Microsoft Money that have the same purpose as this.

What are the problems with Microsoft Money?

  • Portal removed

  • Old design

  • Connection errors

These are the most common errors that the Microsoft Money platform had. It is true that they are a bit annoying, that's why from Gamerslance we are going to present you the best alternatives to Microsoft Money.

The best alternatives to Microsoft Money

Here, we are going to present you a list of the best alternatives to Microsoft Money that will surely not leave you indifferent.


First of all, we present you MoneyDance. This personal finance platform has all the basic functions so that users can create budgets, track their investments...

In addition, it is able to handle different types of currencies at the same time.

MoneyDance is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android.

Advantages of MoneyDance

  • Easy to use

  • Free trial

  • Different features

MoneyDance reviews [Rating 4.6/5].

  • "Works great," Roger.

  • "Awesome", Biel.

  • "No glitches at all", Kala


Secondly, we present you Buxfer. This platform allows you to manage group bonds, in addition to other basic options to manage your personal finances in an excellent way. Itsfunctionalities are well positioned by its users.

Advantages of Buxfer

  • Free

  • Good performance

  • Group functions

Opinions of Buxfer [Rating 4.7/5].

  • "Ideal for sharing finances", Hector.
  • "Great app", Joan.
  • "Fantastic", Iona.


Quicken is known for being the most popular personal finance software on the market.

This platform is currently available for Mac and Windows and allows you to keep track of your finances and perform the most typical actions with them.

In addition, it is priced to be affordable for the vast majority of users.

Quicken Advantages

  • Simple design

  • Easy to use

  • Efficient

Quicken reviews [Rating 4.6/5].

  • "It works very well", Andreu.
  • "I like it a lot", Cristina.
  • "It works great for me", Carla.


Fourthly, we present a platform that can only be enjoyed by Mac users.

The aim of this portal is to be able to keep track of your finances in detail and, in addition, to be able to schedule budgets of all kinds.

It stands out for its ease of use, as it has a very simple and easy design.

Advantages of MoneyWell

  • Simple

  • Good functioning

  • Option to make budgets

MoneyWell reviews [Rating 4.8/5].

  • "I've been using it for a long time and it works great", Ylenia.
  • "Super cool", Olga
  • "Great", Sergi.

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