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The job search has changed dramatically since you last looked for a job.

Job applications now can help you find a job, send you an alert when a potential match is posted, and even new smart resume applications can increase your chances of getting a job by helping you build the perfect resume. These are the best applications for finding a new job in 2019. Almost all of these tools are free

If you have a job but want to find a better offer that meets your needs and you have little time to sit in front of your computer, don’t worry, this is what you need.

Know the best Apps to get a job!


Job search apps are quite simple to use and can get exactly what you want to find.

While it may be a little annoying to write your information over and over again, you can save a large amount of this information stored on your phone for quick entry if you need to manually enter the information and then you can attach a resume designed by experts to increase your chances.

These free job applications can help you find a great job. you can also use our two best options for curriculum applications and services to make sure you stand out.


Indeed Job Search is one of the most important resources for finding new jobs. With this application it is easy to find work in the area you specify, no matter how far or near you are from your location.

When you return to the application, you will see new jobs that may be suitable for the previous jobs you searched for.

With this application you can easily link your email to receive notifications when new job postings arise, so you’ll be kept informed of possible new jobs that may be what you’re looking for.

The Indeed Job Search application can save listings you like and there are some jobs you can apply for directly on the phone. You can also upload a resume and send it from the application. The application tracks the jobs you have applied for.


The LinkedIn Job Search application stands out because it can generate jobs that may be suitable for your LinkedIn profile and your social network connections.

You can also within the platform check a box indicating to recruiters that you are interested in new jobs. Note that a recruiter for your company may also know this.

Although the basic tools are completely free, if you want to position yourself against the rest of possible candidates, you can cancel the Premium account which has a cost of $ 24.95 per month.


If you are looking for close jobs that match perfectly and want to schedule interviews quickly, the Monster Job Search application is your best place to start.

Once you upload a resume or create a profile, you can scroll through job openings and apply by simply scrolling to the right.

The application allows you to filter by job type and location and promises you can get interviews faster than any other application.

It’s like Tinder, but for a new job. The application allows you to filter by job type and location and promises you can get interviews faster than any other application.

The application keeps track of your messages with employers within the application and can still talk to potential employers from within the application instead of searching for an email in a crowded inbox.


While many jobs are included in large work boards, some of the best companies they work for depend on word of mouth and only post the work on their website.

LinkUp tracks these websites to help you find jobs that would otherwise fly under the radar. There aren’t always that many listings, but you can regularly find more than a million listings and get information about jobs you wouldn’t otherwise find.


Are you looking for an hourly job? You can use SnagAJob to quickly search for and apply for local jobs by the hour.

This includes part-time, seasonal, summer and full-time jobs, as well as filtering by industry so you only see those that apply to you.

When you register, you can import a large amount of information from your social network account to make it easy to set up. Many jobs allow you to apply with a single click.

This is a very focused job search application for hourly employment and is not the best option if you are looking to get out of an hourly position, but for seasonal employment or lateral movements it is a good option.


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