The Amazing Spider Man - OSCORP Security Manual Guide!

Are you among those that can be stored, collected, unlocked or upgraded? If the answer is YES!!!!!!! You've chosen the right game to start your vacation: THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN contains over 700 collectibles that will have to be collected in the sections inside the buildings ( 166 collectibles ) and in the Manhattan vidoludica reconstructed ad-hoc to move through the locations of the title.
Our guide will help you find everything you need to millare or platinum this new adventure.

OSCORP SECURITY MANUALS (MSO): Hidden in the internal game locations, they will be used to get information about OSCORP CORPORATION and, of course, to unlock the related trophy/object.

IMPORTANT: Remember that if you miss an item you can replay the level by choosing it on the blackboard in Spidey's apartment. To see how many objects are hidden in a level, simply open the menu during the game (you will find the list in the first option starting from the left!).

OSCORP Archives


MSO 1- In the area with the yellow mechanical arm with which you will have to interact to break through the boxes blocking the grating, look on the floor near the wooden boxes at the entrance of this area.

MSO 2-After the short elevator cut-scene, enter the grate and eliminate the 2 enemies in the new room. Continue to the next grate to find the manual underneath it.

MSO3- In the large area after taking the first picture, go beyond the machine pointed by the spiderman marker to find the manual.

MSO4-Before the window where you will see the reporter getting caught.

MSO5-C with Whitney on your shoulders arrived in the area with the containers and look immediately on the ground, below the catwalk, to collect the manual.

OSCORP Tower 2

-MSO- 5

MSO 1-Same room as tech piece 3, look in the left corner to find it.

MSO 2In the area called SECTION 1 ( look on the walls ) with the cylindrical structure in the middle, jump on the left platform to collect the manual.

MSO 3- On the machine you will use to disable the lasers...impossible not to take it.

MSO 4-
In the area with the 2 screens displaying the robots at the top, look in the left corner to find the newspaper on a desk.

MSO 5In the circular room with the desk in the middle, look on a side desk to collect the manual.

OSCORP Biolabor

-MSO- 5

MSO 1 In the same room as the tech piece 1, go upstairs and, passing through the door, look immediately on the floor plan to your left.

MSO 2-Facing the door of the BIO 206 laboratory, look on the desk on the right to find it.

-Look between the 2 large glass cases in front of the BIO 205 laboratory door.

MSO 4-Arrive to the laser area, in the small room with a small obelisk in the middle, look to the right to find the manual.

MSO 5- In the collapsed area, after jumping into a hole in the wall to continue, look left to find the manual.

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