The Amazing Spider Man - OSCORP Logo Photo Guide

Are you among those who can be archived, collected, unlocked or upgraded? If the answer is YES!!!!!! You've chosen the right game to start the holidays: THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN contains over 700 collectibles that must be collected in the sections inside the buildings ( 166 collectibles ) and in the Manhattan vidoludica reconstructed ad-hoc to move through the locations of the title.
Our guide will help you find everything you need to millare or platinum this new adventure of climbing.

PHOTO: Hidden in the internal game locations, OSCORP's logos will need to be photographed to reveal its shady trades and, of course, to unlock the related trophy/object.

IMPORTANT: Remember that if you miss an item you can replay the level by choosing it on the blackboard in Spidey's apartment. To see how many objects are hidden in a level, simply open the menu during the game (you will find the list in the first option starting from the left!).

OSCORP Archives

-PHOTO - 1

Picture 1-The game will show you where and when to do it.

Pumping station west

-FOTO- 3

Photo 1-Photograph the containers when Spidey tells Whitney he found the first OSCORP logo.

Picture2-Barely after picture 1, turn the valve to open the door reached by jumping on the red tubes. Before entering the door opened by the valve, look above it to find the robots to photograph.

Photo 3
-After the area with the waterfall and enemies, you will see the mutant pass over a net in front of you. As soon as you see the mutant stop and take the picture of what is behind the net on your left.

OSCORP Tower 2

-FOTO- 3
Photo 1In thearea called SECTION 1 ( look on the walls ), take a picture of the central cylindrical structure where you will find the words OSCORP.

Photo 2-
Always in the same area of the previous photo, look at the top left to notice a window with the Oscorp writing, photograph it to find the Scorpion DNA.

Photo 3
-Just after the Tech Piece 10, take a picture of the long steel arm with Oscorp writing on the side of the window.

OSCORP Biolabor

-FOTO- 3

Photo 1-
Take a picture of the 4 pylons that stand up with the Oscorp sign... don't worry, you'll find them!

Photo 2-
Take pictures of the computers shown in the picture.

Photo 3-
In the area where you have to fight several robots, eliminate them so that you can take the picture of frightened scientists, impossible to miss.

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