The Adventures of Alundra PlayStation 1 tricks and secrets

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Alundra, whose full title for the European market is The Adventures of Alundra, is an action role-playing video game developed by Matrix Software to Sony PlayStation 1. In Europe it was published by Psygnosis in 1998.

Always in Europe, in 2000, the game's sequel was also released, entitled Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins. The protagonist of the video game is Alundra, a young man who has the power to enter dreams of other people. He arrives in the village of Inoa following a shipwreck (he is saved by the blacksmith Jess) and here the population begs him to save them from the curse of the demon Melzas, who causes nightmares potentially lethal.
Thanks also to the help of Septimus, a student, Alundra discovers her mystical power in a deeper way and enters the nightmares of the possessed souls, eliminating the disturbing element of sleep and effectively saving the dreamer on duty. Eliminating the disturbing element means, in fact, fighting this element in the form of a monster.

Alundra will have to venture into Inoa's world and search seven sacred gems which act as a key to confront Melzas and finally defeat him.

After you get hold of Jess's broken armor, you can take it to Lurvy and have it repaired for a large sum of money. Instead, climb the cliff behind his house and, once you get to the highest point, head right. From there, jump down a few levels to the rock behind Lurvy's house, the one with the treasure chest.
Jump to the roof and then to the top of the chimney to end up in his house. You will see that Lurvy is doing something and he will tell you that he will fix everything for you for free, if you do not reveal his secret to anyone. Give him the broken armor and that's it.

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