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The 7th Saga it's a RPG video game virtual developed for Super Nintendo Entertainment System and known in Japan under the name of Elnard.

In The 7th Saga the player has the opportunity to choose two protagonists, who will live different experiences but aimed at achieving the same goal: to obtain 7 magical runes. As you progress through the game, you will encounter new characters, who can be added to the team.
these characters, very well characterized, once they have joined the team they also help our two heroes in the various fights of the game. An innovation in the orientation system in video games is the crystal "compass" at the top right, with which enemies are identifiable, although they are not visible on the map.

The opponents move towards the player or remain motionless and can be found anywhere: from the world map to inland locations. unlike other games (read Final Fantasy IX, for example), the fights are not at all random: you can attract or dodge enemies, even if these are very fast and insidious. The 7th Saga is notoriously a very difficult game, which forces the player to level up their characters as necessary as it is slow.

After arriving in Zellis, take your character to level 16. Follow the mountains west of Zellis until you get to the point where the mountains are exactly behind the water. Position yourself in the lowest possible part and you will be able to fight against enemies that, in less than half an hour, will take you to level 18.

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