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Netflix is a streaming platform for movies and series that has revolutionized the world of film and television. Thanks to it, we don't have to eat those long waits for commercials that seemed endless. It has also produced great series like Strenger Things and has created the Netflix and Chill concept.

From AlterWorld we want to present you a list with the best alternatives to Netflix. This way if you can't find a series or movie, you can find it on one of these Netflix alternatives.

What are the problems with Netflix?

Netflix doesn't really present big problems that will make your experience very bad, at most you won't be able to watch a series in your country if a TV channel has the rights. However, here are some of the problems you will find in Netflix:

  • To watch some series you're going to have to change your IP.
  • You may have quality drops during the viewing of the content.
  • Not all content is dubbed into Spanish.

As you may have seen these are not big problems, as they can be solved quickly and easily, but even so from Gamerslance we want to introduce you to other alternatives so you can watch or discover series that Netflix can't broadcast.

The 7 best alternatives to Netflix

From Gamerslance we present you a list with the 7 best alternatives to Netflix . This way you will be able to watch series that you can't watch on this platform.


The alternative to Netflix with which we open the list is Pepeliculas. This is one of the best websites to access the latest movies and TV series, including premieres that you won't find on Netflix.

Advantages of Pepeliculas:

  • It offers updates on the latest episodes that have been uploaded to the platform and the latest movies.
  • Allows you to see the trailer.
  • Updated content.
  • It doesn't require a subscription like Netflix.

Reviews of Pepeliculas: [Average rating 4'5/5]

  • The best of all if you don't want to pay. -Carlos.
  • I'll take this one. -Cr铆stofer.
  • Very good, one of the best. -Marta.

Amazon prime video.

The second alternative to Netflix on this list is Amazon prime video. If you have an Amazon prime account it will allow you to watch a lot of series and movies for free. In ityou're goingto find both classic series and Amazon originals, it's a very similar service to Netflix.

Advantages of Amazon prime video:

  • You can download your favorite series or movies directly on your mobile or tablet without the need for a connection.
  • View content on up to 3 different devices at the same time and at the same time.
  • It has X-Ray option with which you can know who are the actors of a movie or series. a movie or series.
  • You can watch the episodes wherever you want.

Amazon prime video reviews: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I loved their originals. -Harry.
  • There is a lot of variety of content. -Maria.
  • The best if you have Amazon prime. -Carlos.


The third alternative we present to you from the list of the 7 best alternatives to Netflix is HBO. Netflix's biggest competitor is HBO. It is another company specialized in movies and series, at a price similar to Netflix. Although its offer of content is much smaller, HBO's undisputed quality content is superior. HBO is superior.

Advantages of HBO:

  • More quality in series.
  • You can find documentaries.
  • There are all the seasons of GoT.
  • Many of the series, movies and documentaries have been awarded.

Opinions of HBO: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • I love this website for watching movies. -Carla.
  • The best, I have no doubt. -Lola.
  • Recommended to everyone. -Alba.


The next site and alternative to Netflix that we present to you is Inkaserie. This website is one of the options that is growing due to the quality of the material it contains. quality of the material it contains, even though it is not the website with the largest number of files. number of files.

Advantages of Inkaserie:

  • It has a similar website, but specialized in movies.
  • You can choose the language, the video quality and it is totally free.
  • It has a section of premieres.
  • Great image quality.

Reviews of Inkaserie: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • I love all the content. -Ramon.
  • Great website, I can see everything I want with just one click. -Marcos.
  • Fabulous, I can see top gear. -Elia.


The fifth alternative to Netflix is FILMIN . It has an extensive catalogue of the best European and independent cinema, so with Filmin you can access independent cinema, so with Filmin you will have access to content that other platforms can hardly give you. platforms can hardly give you.

Advantages of FILMIN:

  • European independent European cinema that is not on Netflix.
  • They are updating to be able to see more films from all over the world.
  • Advanced festival content.
  • Categories of the best movies of the moment.

Reviews of FILMIN: [Average rating 4'8/5].

  • I love it, one of the best I've ever used. -Pablo.
  • Very good. -Carles.
  • I recommend it to everyone. -Catalina.


The sixth alternative to Wallapop on this list is SerieZ. In this portal specializing in TV series, you can find the latest documentaries and movies that have been find the latest documentaries and movies that have been released. You will be able to find all kinds of new releases in all categories.

Advantages of SerieZ:

  • It contains a news section.
  • You can watch the premieres in real time like in the cinema.
  • You can find the movies in different languages with subtitles.
  • It's free and no registration is required.

Opinions of SerieZ: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • I love it, this is a great website to watch movies. -Carla.
  • The best, I have no doubt I will always use it. -Lola.
  • I recommend it to everyone. -Alba.


The seventh alternative to Netflix that you can use and that we recommend is Kodi . The last alternative on this list is an application that has been created to be used on the TV and acts as a use on your television and acts as a media center.

Advantages of Kodi:

  • Designed for viewing on SmartTVs.
  • Unsurpassed image quality.
  • Series and movies platform.
  • Premium option.

Opinions of Kodi: [Average rating 4'8/5].

  • If I get ads I have more series to watch. -Paco.
  • It can be improved, but for now it's perfect. -Anna.
  • Very good. -Nerea.

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