Tetris Attack SNES cheats and codes

Tetris Attack it's a puzzle genre video game developed in 1995 by Intelligent Systems and released in the following months by Nintendo for the 16-bit console Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The videogame is part of the Puzzle League series and is the western version of the famous Panel de Pon. Tetris Attack characters and settings are taken from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island but, despite the name, the similarities with the original Tetris are very few.
The game's story takes place on Yoshi's Island: Bowser and his henchmen have cast a curse on Yoshi and his friends. As Yoshi, the player must free the green dinosaur's friends and then try to defeat Bowser and the various minions.

Unlike Tetris, in Tetris Attack the blocks sprout from below of the screen and fill a “row” of the grid: the player must remove these blocks by placing them in combinations of at least 3 blocks of the same color. The game ends when the top of the grid is full of blocks.


Go to the character selection screen in Player vs. Player, then press and hold L + R on both controllers for a few seconds. If you do the trick correctly, the question marks (???) at the bottom of the screen will be replaced by bosses.

At the beginning of the game, when Yoshi appears on the screen and says “Nintendo!”, Press B, A, L, L. If you hear a sound, then the code has been entered correctly. If you do a Combo or a Chain, the panels will continue to rise, without stopping.

To go to the more difficult level of VS mode, enter the following code: S6? L7B7 !.

Tetris Attack - SNES


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