TES: Blades Which Race to Choose and Skills to Unlock

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is the mobile chapter of the Bethesda series. Despite its mobile nature, it's a role-playing game with a certain depth, so the choice of the initial race is crucial, as is the choice of skills and perks to unlock and upgrade.

In this guide we'll give you some tips on the best breeds in the game and which skills to unlock to get out of the most hectic and difficult situations in front of The Elder Scrolls: Blades you.

Each player has their own way of playing and approaching the title, but these guidelines may make your adventure easier.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades | Which race to choose

Let's start from an assumption: it is rather difficult to recover health The Elder Scrolls: Blades without resorting to curative potions. Healing potions are also quite expensive in terms of resources, so we recommend using them only in very delicate circumstances. That is why we advise you to choose one of the breeds that have healing bonuses.


The Imperial race has two strong advantages:

  • + 5% health restored by the healing effects
  • + 5% damage with Long swords, War axes and clubs.

This means that you get a buff on all the healing effects from abilities, potions and healing items you find in quests. You also get a damage buff using one of the types of weapons mentioned above. The Imperial is generally considered one of the best options when choosing a race.


Breton also has two strong advantages:

  • + 10% Spell Resistance
  • + 5% Damage with Long swords, War axes and clubs.

These bonuses do not help to heal, but the spell resistance buff will be very strong in the more advanced sections of the game. Enemies' spells do a lot of damage, so remedying them is always a good idea.


The Argonian has two characteristics of thickness:

  • 5% health regeneration
  • 5% additional damage with Daggers, One-handed axes and light hammers

The Argonian, then, is a good choice if you prefer light weapons to heavy or two-handed weapons.

Is it possible to change races?

If you are not satisfied with your decision, you can interact with Theordor Gorlash in your city. Talk to him and he will allow you to change race, character appearance and sex for the price of 50 gems! By choosing one of the races described above you shouldn't have any problems, but in case you are not fully satisfied with their surrender, you can always go back.

Guide | | The Elder Scrolls: Blades Improved skills

It's still too early to go into builds, the game takes some time to level up and it's not the easiest thing to experience. We know, however, some spells, skills and perks that will help you in the game. Here are the best skills to unlock in The Elder Scrolls: Blades , at least at the beginning:

Absorbs - Spell

A magic seal appears instantly. It protects up to 31 damage points and converts 100% of them into cure.

This is one of the first spell options and is very good to cast right away in any fight. It's a way to recover some health, but it also protects you from damage. It's a very fast spell.

Elemental Protection - Perk

Offers +33 to protection against elemental damage while locking with a shield.

You don't need it at the start of the game, I'd wait to level up until you start fighting enemies who cast spells. Spells do a lot of damage, so make sure you take that into consideration once you've moved on in the game.

Gunman, explorer or barbarian

Weapons: +4 Damage with various types of weapons (long swords, war axes and clubs).

Explorer: +4 Damage with light weapons (daggers, axes and light hammers).

Barbarian: +7 Damage with heavy weapons (heavy swords, battle axes and hammers).

Each of these skills is fine, depending on which weapon you plan to use most of the time. Once you have an idea, go ahead and level up depending on what you decide.

Adrenaline dodge

This ability eludes up to 76 damage points and restores up to 97 life points. The closer the fighter is to being hit, the greater the healing.

Probably one of the most important options you can choose in the early stages of the game. You use it when your enemy is about to attack you, avoiding damage and restoring health to your character. This is one of the best ways to gain health, too bad it is only unlocked at rank 10.

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