Tekken 2 PS1 cheats and codes

Tekken 2 it's a fighting game genre developed by Namco in 1996 and released the same year for Sony PlayStation 1.

This is the second chapter of the Tekken saga, whose gameplay is kept almost intact in this sequel. However, Tekken 2 introduces numerous improvements over its predecessor. The fighters of the first Tekken, sixteen, become twenty-five, most of which appeared in the first episode. However, there are new entries and characters available with different colored clothes, as per tradition for the beat'em up era.
All fighters want to win the Tekken: waiting for them in the final is Heihachi Mishima, who hopes his contender is his son Kazuya. The young man manages to reach the final and takes revenge on his father, who years earlier had thrown him into a cliff.

Kazuya reserves the same fate for his parent, throwing him into the same ravine in which he had fallen as a child and in which he had obtained the scar on his chest.

After winning a round you will see the replay. By pressing each single key ([X], [O], etc…) you will see a different victory animation.
The trick is the same even if your opponent wins.

Highlight Kazuya and press the START button to use the character dressed in purple now.

Tekken 2 - PS1

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