Taz-Mania SNES cheats and codes

Taz Mania is a genre videogame sliding platform / adventure with 2D graphics. Developed by Recreational Brainware, the video game was released in 1992 by SEGA initially for Mega Drive / Genesis.

The game is broadly based on the Taz-Mania cartoon series and has since been converted for other platforms including Super Nintendo Entertainment System (published by Sunsoft), Game Gear, Master System and Nintendo Game Boy, among others. The player controls Taz, who is looking for a giant egg. The Tasmanian devil can jump, spin up to create a tornado and eating various kinds of items.
Turning to form a tornado allows Taz to defeat most of the gods enemies present in the game levels, but also to jump farther, move objects and pass through certain obstacles. Taz can eat almost any object, with a few exceptions, and in doing so gains energy, lives and continuous extras. Eating hot peppers, chili, makes our little devil breathe fire and defeat the biggest and fearsome enemies. The stars instead, a bit like in Super Mario, make the little devil temporarily invincible.

Tazmania Super Nintendo Cheats

In the options menu, press B, A, Y, A, X, A - 10 continue
In the options menu, press Y, X, B, X, A, X, L, R, B, A, Y, A, X and A - 20 continue
In the options menu, press A, Y, A, Y, X, Y, B, A, R, L - Select level

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