Tap Titans 2 - All Tips and Tricks Guide for the Game

If the first battles are quite easy to complete, the level of challenge will get higher and higher as you progress through the levels, until you are forced to strengthen your attacks or enlist incredible allies to help you out. Each stage will consist of eight or four fights, including a final boss to defeat within a set time limit.

Are you looking for advice on how to easily win the battles of Tap Titans 2 ? You only have to consult our guide to know everything you need to triumph in the game.

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According to what is now written, the first thing you need to worry about is, basically...

Tap Titans 2 How to earn money quickly

Never forget to open the treasure chests!

Needless to say, earning that much money quickly will be one of your very first concerns Tap Titans 2 . Do you want to strengthen your hero? You'll need money! Do you want to hire a new character? You'll need money! Do you want to unlock new abilities? You'll have to pay out money, and often not even a little!

But how do you earn money in Tap Titans 2 ? Simple: by beating the Titans! Each monster you defeat will reward you with coins, which will allow you to acquire this or that upgrade, or this or that character. Normally, at the beginning of your adventure, you won't need large sums to improve your offensive potential, but as you progress through the various stages, the outlay will be more and more expensive.

There are basically three solutions at this point. The first, the simplest, is to... wait! By simply letting time go by (even closing the application and doing something else with your device), your heroes will silently continue to fight, killing the titans and accumulating precious money.

The second way, on the other hand, is to always collect fairy trunks, which will cyclically appear on the screen. Especially in the early stages of the game, these treasure chests will reward you with very useful figures.

Finally, the quickest and most profitable way is to activate the Midas Hand skill. With this active skill, you will drastically increase the money you collect, thus filling all the gaps in your hero training.

How to get free diamonds in Tap Titans 2

Use diamonds to your advantage.

As it happens in almost all mobile games, it also Tap Titans 2 has its own virtual currency, represented in this case by diamonds. With these precious gems you will be able to buy different types of upgrades, as well as rare and more powerful animals, as well as the classic loot boxes.

As usual, diamonds can both be bought with real money and obtained through in-game actions and activities. As always, we do not recommend downloading apps or subscriptions of any kind with automatic diamond generators, as you may expose your mobile devices to unwanted risks.

There Tap Titans 2 are basically two ways to get free diamonds. The first one is to put "like" on Facebook, through the game's store, to the app page, so that you can receive 25 diamonds directly; this also extends to Twitter where, following Game Hive, you will be rewarded with another 25 diamonds.

Secondly, the game includes a series of trophies, both regarding the progression of your character, which will be fixed, and others that will update cyclically. Complete the described actions and get virtual currency in return.

The best trick for Tap Titans 2

As you will easily understand, Tap Titans 2 the speed of your fingers will make the difference between victory and defeat, as well as the rapid progression in the game. However, in order to avoid spending half a day blending on your device's screen, and "annoying carpal tunnel problems", you'd do well to learn about the existence of autoclickers.

These apps, in fact, will click in your place, making your life much easier. Most apps of this kind are free of charge, as long as you take advantage of the inevitable advertisements. What are the best autoclickers for Tap Titans? To answer that question, we found the app with the lowest number of banner ads. Auto Clicker

Tap Titans 2 The best upgrades to buy

Develop your skills to mow down enemies.

Our hero will have a whole range of skills at his disposal, with which he can take down his many enemies. It goes without saying that, of course, some skills will be better than others, and may come in more useful depending on the time you find yourself.

The already mentioned "Midas Hand" will increase the money collected, and is a must, to buy and upgrade. The "Death Strike" ability, on the other hand, will substantially increase the ability to deal critical hits, inflicting a large amount of damage to your opponent.

If "War Cry" will increase the damage inflicted by the characters you hire, "Shadow Clone" is undoubtedly the best ability you will have access to, which will increase the damage inflicted by each touch by 20 times (at level 1).

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