Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition - Guide to the 25 Secret Missions Against Bosses

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During our adventure we will meet some Bosses who will require you to accomplish some secret objectives. Many times the completion of these missions will allow us to unlock the relevant trophy. Below is the guide of every single Boss of Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition:


In this first battle, once Estelle joins the team, our main goal is to prevent her from taking too much damage from Zagi. The boss is unlikely to focus on Estelle, as the main attacks are aimed at Yuri.


When the Boss gets in position to execute the Buster X and crosses his arms, our main goal is to hit the hind legs which will light up with a blue beam, hit them with the strongest techniques to bring down the boss and thus obtain the completion. of the Special mission.


To complete this boss's mission it will be necessary to hit him while he is in the Stun state. To do this, we will first have to destroy the minions that he will throw at us, then lure the boss to the nearest plant in order to stun him with the effect that will cause the death of the plant - that is the stunning -. Once stunned, the task is almost complete, because it will be enough to hit it with all the force that our team has.

Zagi (Part 2)

On the second meeting with Zagi, our task will be to throw him off the ship. To do this, our advice is to hit him during his air attacks, using the most devastating techniques of the party.

Scary Giant

This is a very easy battle to complete. Our goal is to hit him as soon as he stands with his hind limbs, our advice is to use the magical arts to knock him to the ground and thus complete the mission.


In this battle we will need Raven's "Snake" technique, placing a trap where the boss will be intent on healing himself. Once the technique is completed, the boss will no longer be able to use medical arts, in addition, we will also have completed the mission.


This is among the easiest missions, we will have to destroy the four machines on the map, before the boss can use them. Once destroyed, the mission will be completed.

Damned Wanderer

As soon as the Boss is reloading his weapon, we will have to hit him with all the techniques at our disposal in order to knock him to the ground and complete the mission. Nothing so difficult.

Zagi (Part 3)

In this third battle it will be enough for Zagi to absorb a lot of Blastia, letting the fight flow for a few minutes.


During the fight with Pteropus, when it breaks down into many minions, we will have to focus on the Bat Boss. Once the Bat is defeated, Pteropus will return to the battlefield and we will be able to complete the fight and the mission at the same time.


This is one of the somewhat arduous Bosses, as our task will be to destroy the core as soon as it is out of its mouth. It is not easy since the core is for a very limited time on the battlefield and in those moments we will have to use the most lethal techniques at our disposal.


The main requirement is to have at least one art with the fire element. As soon as Belius makes his copy appear on the battlefield, we will have to re-light all the candles that went out in that moment.

Nan & Tison

We will have to land the two bosses during their "recovery" phase, which is when they place the weapons on the ground for a couple of seconds. During these phases we will have to throw both bosses to the ground.


The mission with this Boss is very difficult, since while he will throw us into the air we will have to use the ability of "Recovery" so as not to end up face down, and once on the battlefield, launch as many lethal techniques to make finish the Boss.

Zagi (Part 4)

Our dear friend appeared for the fourth time as Boss. On this occasion, dear Zagi will poison himself, we will have to treat him with Karol using "Healthy Crash", in order to fulfill our mission.


As soon as the fin has emerged from the ice, hit it three times and you have completed the secret mission.


To complete this secret mission, we must have seen the special event that will be activated by sleeping several times at the Mantaic inn - there is no specific amount of times, the event will appear randomly - and thus having obtained the item "Memory of the Mother". During the fight it will be necessary to use the object, once done the mission will be completed.


We will have to hit the heart with Raven's lethal attacks. As soon as the boss has exposed his weak point, we will have to use Raven's arrows and thus complete the mission.


Another simple mission, when the boss throws our character in the air, just use the "Recovery" technique and once in battle, hit the boss with the most lethal techniques to make him fall.


Another mission whose final task is to knock the Boss to the ground as soon as he is standing on two legs. Hit with the deadliest techniques from behind the Boss, shortly after this he will stand on two feet.


While he's flying, you'll need to intercept and hit the Boss. Pretty simple task.

Damned Wanderer (Part 2)

Use the item "Maris Stella" and the mission will be completed immediately.


The basic mission is simple, we will have to make sure that Flynn uses all the techniques at his disposal. You better check yourself out as he uses all 14 techniques, so you know which one he hasn't used yet in the fight.

Zagi (Final Battle)

In this final confrontation with Yuri's obsessed killer, we will have to make Zagi use the Blastia Charge and thus absorb the Aer that surrounds him. The task is simple, it shouldn't cause you much trouble.


The last mission is one of the simplest ones, because our aim will be to finish the fight with a mystical art during the second phase with the Boss. Always keep an eye on your enemy's hit points to avoid causing trouble.

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