Tales of Phantasia SNES cheats and codes

Tales of Phantasia it's a role-playing video game published by Namco to Super Nintendo in 1995. The videogame is the first chapter of the “Tales of” series, then continued in the following years.

Has been published also on other platforms such as Game Boy Advance, Sony PlayStation and PSP. Developed by Wolf Team, Tales of Phantasia features the young Cless, who lives in a peaceful and quiet village together with their parents. One day, Cless decides to go on a hunting trip with his best friend, Chester.
While Cless is on the trail of a wild boar, he comes across a talking tree that asks the young man to help him. As soon as the mysterious tree stops talking, the two boys hear the sound of an alarm. Returning to the village in a hurry, they discover that their hometown has been devastated and raided and all the inhabitants unfortunately exterminated.

Cless finds his mother who, before dying, tells her son about the massacre and how this massacre has to do with the pendant that she and her husband had given to Cless for her birthday. The boy sets out in search of those responsible for the massacre, determined to seek revenge.

At the home screen, highlight “NEW GAME” and press A, B, Y and X at the same time. You will hear a voice exclaim “Ya ta”, confirming that the code has been entered correctly. Doing so activates hard mode.

Tales of Phantasia - SNES


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