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Swords and Serpents it's a role-playing video game fantasy theme developed for NES da Interplay Entertainment. The player controls a team of adventurers on a journey in which they must first explore numerous and dangerous dungeon and then defeat a huge snake.

During the adventure, our party of heroes did runs into a series of fantasy monsters and creatures as strange as they are evil. The player must also collect as much gold as possible and gain experience, which is necessary for improve the skills of the characters team members. Swords and Serpents mainly focuses on gameplay and almost entirely omits the development of the plot. The game was originally designed by Paul O'Conner, who only contributed in the first few weeks of development before leaving the project.
Swords and Serpents can be played by 1, 2 or 4 players, using the NES Satellite or a 4 player adapter. If more than one is played, Player 1 controls the team leader and decides the navigation and exploration of the game. Adventurers are of three types: warrior, thief and wizard. THE game saves they are based on a password system to be entered when you want to pick up where the previous game left off. Encounters with monsters take place in a completely random manner, although in some situations a given monster can be found in a specific place. During the fight, the player controls the various characters and can decide whether to make them attack, cast spells or retreat.

Start a level and while exploring the dungeon, hold A then press and hold UP, press B, release UP, press and hold RIGHT, press B, release RIGHT, press and hold LEFT, press B, release LEFT, press and hold DOWN, press B, release DOWN, press and hold SELECT and press START. Release all the keys and you can freely choose each level, from 1 to 16.

QJALS ??? 4UNMR? - Level 01
9JATS ??? 4XNMW? - Level 02
UJACS ??? 4VNRZ? - Level 03
UJ9FS ??? 4SNFX? - Level 04
9J? JS ??? 4SV4K? - Level 05
MZBJS ??? ATUZ? K - Level 06
3RSJS ??? ATUNF? - Level 07
ENSJS ??? RTUNMK - Level 08
3NSJS ??? RQULIK - Level 09
ENSJS ??? RQ3QHK - Level 10
UNSJS ??? RQ3K6? - Beyond 10

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