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All the details regarding the collaboration between Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag and Persona 5 Royal, arriving today at 19:00.

It will consist not only in the inclusion of new weapons, but in the possibility of finding Persona 5 Royal characters such as Ann, Ryuji and the Joker himself.

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All information

The new characters

Joining the already expanding roster of Memory Defrag characters will be Joker, Panther (Ann Takamaki) and Skull (Ryuji Sakamoto) from Persona 5 Royal!

All 3 will be 6-star characters and can be obtained in the “Possessors of Spirits of Rebellion” scout.

Upon arriving at Step 5, you are guaranteed to receive a 6-star character. Getting to Step 5 out of 11 Step-up Scout will guarantee you get a Persona 5 Royal character (once you get to Step 5, you will automatically return to Step 1).

Moreover, every day, as a gift, a free Scout will be made available in which you can get the 3 new characters. The free Scout will be received at 7:00 am every day until February 29th.

Exclusive weapons and items

To celebrate the event, moreover, until March 3rd it will be possible to purchase a bundle with special materials included, the “P5R Collab Weapon Record Crystals”, with which it will be possible to obtain a 4-star Persona 5 Royal weapon!

This package can only be purchased 3 times per account.

The crystals must be used by March 10th.

Spectacular log-in prizes!

During this collaboration, it will be possible to add Kasumi to your party!

You can also get lots of Crystals of Hacking, Rainbow Essence and other spectacular items!

Significant bonuses for those returning after a long break!

Players who have been away from Memory Defrag for a long time will have the chance to get back into the action thanks to special bonuses!

Those who have not entered the game for more than 30 days will be able to obtain a large sum of Memory Diamonds and materials necessary to enhance the character.

On the fifth day you can even get 100 Memory Diamonds!

The bonus can be obtained once for each account. This new campaign will end on March 3rd with the event.

Duplicate drops and new daily quests!

Throughout the duration of the campaign, daily quests will be earned and ROPS will be duplicated!

In addition, double experience points will be given in EXP Quests!

More campaigns are coming

There are other new campaigns not yet announced. Stay tuned for more information!

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