Swamp Thing NES cheats and codes

Swamp Thing it's a platform game genre appeared on both NES than on the Game Boy. Based on the animated series of the same name, Swamp Thing was released by THQ and placed on the market in December 1992.

The game was initially developed, at least in part, also for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, but was later canceled. The NES version borrows the same game engine as The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants. The initial introduction of the videogame explains the story of Swamp Thing, a character who is controlled by the player, who maneuvers the mysterious being through the swamps of Louisiana and other more or less pleasant places.
Our hero, or monster if you prefer to call him that, unleashes attacks of various kinds ranging from a powerful punch to slushballs. Some of the more interesting levels are set in cemeteries, factories, landfills and laboratories owned by mad scientists. At the end of each stage there is the classic end-of-level boss, some of which are really hard to defeat.

During the game, you can enter codes to earn an extra life or two. These codes can only be activated in certain levels and in certain circumstances and in any case can only be used once per game.

Pause the game, press LEFT + A + SELECT and you will have a free life.

Walk on the platforms, reach the pile of stones with the two nearby light signals, stand in the middle and pause the game. Now press RIGHT + A + SELECT for an extra life.

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