Super Turrican SNES cheats and codes

Great turrican is a genre video game shoot'em up to platforms, made for NES by the famous Manfred Trenz in 1993. The Nintendo version is slightly inferior, in terms of graphics and sound, to the Amiga one, with levels that are generally shorter.

But the version to SNES, the one for which we propose the tricks, is a game almost in its own right and all new. The planet Katakis is invaded by enemy forces and only Bren McGuire, a super soldier armed to the teeth, is able to end the danger. 
Bren wears a powerful battle suit named Turrican, and with the latter's help he must save his planet from ruin. In Super Turrican the objective is to seek extra lives, collect spectacular and powerful weapons and complete the levels, in which they are present enormous size boss (not necessarily at the end of the internship, sometimes even in the middle). Music, sound effects and fast-paced action are the highlights of this superb shoot'em up.


Start a game, pause and press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, A and then START to return to the game. By doing this you can skip any level of the game.

Go to the options screen, then scroll down until you get to Sound Mode. At this point, press L + R + X + A. While holding down these buttons, press the center of the directional pad and press SELECT. A Music Menu will appear, from which you can choose different sounds and songs.

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