Super Star Wars SNES cheats and codes

Super star wars it's a platform video game which is inspired by the famous Star Wars saga. Developed by Sculptured Software e LucasArts for the 16-bit console Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the game was distributed by JVC.

There are also two sequels of Super Star Wars: Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, both for SNES. Super Star Wars is nothing more than the remake of Star Wars, a game for the NES released in 1991. The game, in principle, follows the movie plot, although some changes have been made to make the title playable in a platform style. 
For example, instead of simply buying C-3PO and R2-D2 from the Jawas, Luke Skywalker must fight his way atop a sandcrawler, while jumping from a series of moving conveyors. In the subsequent levels the player can also control Chewbacca and Ian Solo, while other stages involve piloting Luke's landspeeder and an X-Wing fighter.

In the Tusken Raider level, make your way to the place where you have to jump over the falling rocks. Drop off the cliff and you will enter a cavern full of extra lives. Get them all, then kill yourself to get out. Repeat the operation as many times as you want.

You will need two controllers for this trick. When START GAME and OPTIONS appear, quickly press the following buttons in this order: A, A, A, A, X, B, B, B, B, Y, X, X, X, X, A, Y, Y , Y, Y, B. At this point, press START to start the game. The first sign that will make you understand that the code is working is the fact that you can choose between three characters: Luke, Han and Chewbacca. To select the stage, press START on controller 2 and you will immediately finish the level.

At any time during the game, press A + B + X + Y while holding START. If you enter and exit the sound test screen a few times you will get clues for other tricks.

When you get to the entrance of the Womprat boss stay there! Don't go any further. When you spot him, start shooting him while jumping up and down. You will see that defeating him will be much easier than expected.

Super Star Wars - SNES


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