Super R-Type SNES cheats and codes

Super R-Type it's a video game genre shooter developed and published for SNES from irem in 1991.

It is the remake of R-Type II, game from which it "borrows" four levels, to which are added three completely new stages. Super R-Type is well known for its high difficulty, even comparing it to the other episodes of the R-Type series. To make it more difficult, the lack of checkpoints, which means that if you die you will have to start the stage from the beginning. 
A problem encountered with this shooter is that it slows down not a little (indeed it almost freezes) when the screen gets very crowded and chock full of enemies, gunshots, explosions and so on. Truth be told, as boring as this bug may be, it has sometimes proved useful for avoiding enemy hits and not losing a life. If you are stuck in a particular level, here is the tricks to advance to the next one.


At the screen where “Press Start” is flashing, hold down R and press UP 9 times. While playing, pause, hold A and R and press SELECT. Adjust the number at the bottom of the screen to choose the level. Numbers 11 to 17 are for higher difficulty.

If you manage to complete the game once, you will unlock HARD mode. Also finish the game in HARD and you will unlock the PRO mode.

Super R Type - SNES


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