Super Pitfall NES cheats and codes

Super Pitfall it's a platform game genre, third installment of the legendary Pitfall series. This game was released on September 8, 1986 for Nintendo Famicom, to then arrive in November also for NEC PC-8801.

The version for Nintendo Entertainment System, on the other hand, dates back to 1987. Super Pitfall is among other things the first Intellivision title to be released for a Nintendo console. The first part of the game is a free remake of the previous chapter, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns. The goal of the videogame is in fact the same: to save Harry's niece, Rhonda, together with her faithful companion Quick Claw and to find the Raj Diamond, a huge diamond priceless.
From a certain point in the game, however, Super Pitfall becomes a real sequel. Harry finds Quick Claw imprisoned inside a cage and needs a key to free him. Rhonda has been turned to stone instead, and Harry must find a magic potion to get her back to normal. After helping friends and overcoming numerous pitfalls, Harry must get out of the Lost Caves and to do so he has a certain number of lives, but unlimited time.

Collect all the gold in the game to witness a perfect ending.

In the initial screen, that of the title, press SELECT, A, A, A, SELECT to be able to have Continues available.

Start the game normally and work your way up to the first ladder. If you jump close to it, a gun will appear which will give you 20 extra bullets.

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