Super Monaco GP Sega Mega Drive passwords and codes

Super Monaco GP it's a Formula 1 racing simulation video game developed and distributed by SEGA initially as an arcade (in 1989) and then transposed to the most popular consoles and home computers of the time.

The most successful version is probably that for Sega Mega Drive, of which we propose i tricks and some extras. The arcade version consists mainly of a race, the Monaco Grand Prix, which however is completely different from the current circuit where it is still run in F1. The player's task is to choose the type of broadcast, and then take part in the qualifications and to race.
To qualify for the race you need to complete the qualifications in less than 45 seconds: you fail, the game ends, while if you are successful you are positioned on the grid. In the version for Mega Drive you can start from the 15th position or, if you have exceeded certain checkpoint, climbing positions up to starting in pole position, however, a very difficult undertaking. Super Monaco GP is one of the first racing video games to use the rearview mirror system.

In the password screen, enter the following code to go directly to the final race starting from pole position.
0Q76 2ILM F200 0000
0010 H10F B324 5D76
CA89 EGC1 0000 0002
0000 0000 F200 2CAC

To start the game in Team Madonna enter the following password:
15G2 B3E4 DJ00 0000
000H 00J2 C4H7 658A
B9DE FOH9 1000 0041
0000 0000 F200 71D7

In arcade mode, cross the finish line in the first 3 positions while holding A, B and C. When your driver raises the trophy, instead of the latter he will raise his head!

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