Super Metroid SNES cheats and codes

Super Metroid is an action video game, a sci-fi themed dynamic adventure game developed by Nintendo Research & Development e Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo in 1994 for SNES.

Super Metroid is the third chapter of the successful Metroid saga, popular since the day of its distribution and still highly appreciated by retrogamers and beyond. For some time, this video game also went down in history as the most extensive and challenging in terms of memory, thanks to its 24 megabit cartridge
Super Metroid follows the second chapter, Metroid II: Return of Samus (1991), and instead anticipates the fourth episode, Metroid: Other M (2010). The protagonist, named Samus Aran, must track down and retrieve the Metroid puppy kidnapped by his rival Ridley and taken to the planet Zebes. All between enemies always ready to make your skin and obstacles of all kinds to overcome. Undoubtedly a very difficult game, but with some trick and tip the task becomes slightly easier.

When you take the Gravity Suit, you can move freely underwater. However, there is a trick that makes you jump higher when in the water: first of all, find a place that is completely submerged. Try Maridia or just before Lower Norfair.
Then keep the SKIP key pressed and, just pressed, press PAUSE. Go to the inventory and deactivate the Gravity Suit. Hold down the JUMP key and unpause the game. You will jump higher than normal.

Alternative ending: Complete the game in between 3 hours and 1 minutes and 10 hours.
Best ending: Complete the game in under 3 hours.
Standard Finale - Complete the game in over 10 hours.

Super Metroid - SNES


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