Super Mario World SNES cheats and codes

Super Mario World it is one of the most famous platform video games ever and certainly the most popular among those released for the 16-bit console Super Nintendo.

Released in 1990 for SNES, Super Mario World is the 5th installment of the Mario series (the sixth if we also consider Super Mario Bros .: The Lost Levels). Mario and Luigi, assisted by the green dinosaur Yoshi, must free Dinosaur Land and Princess Toadstool from the clutches of Bowser and the Bowserotti.
Il gameplay it is the classic one of the other Mario titles and the final result is a beautiful video game, able to sell 20 million copies worldwide. Re-released over the years in various collections, Super Mario World is a key title for Super Nintendo Entertainment System game collectors.

In addition, it contains many Easter eggs (bonus content), some of which can be found below. If you know others please let us know in the comments!



Hold L + R + X + Y + Up: Mario will walk in a very strange and funny way as soon as the classic "credits" screen appears.

In the "Special Zone", wait at least 5 minutes and listen carefully to the music: the game should start playing different versions of the original, hugely popular Mario Bros soundtrack.

Super Mario World - SNES


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