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Super Mario Sunshine it's a 3D platform videogame, the second three-dimensional in the Mario series. It was published for Nintendo GameCube in August 2002 in the USA and a few months later it also arrived in Europe.

This is the first title, after 6 years of absence, in which Mario returns to be the absolute protagonist of a game. Another excellent return is that of Yoshi, faithful steed of the mustachioed plumber.
Super Mario Sunshine has sold over 5 million copies globally and is one of the best games for GameCube, in our opinion. The order of the levels is not predetermined but leaves a certain freedom to the player, who is not even obliged to complete all missions to complete the game. 

The story goes as follows: Mario decides to go on vacation with Princess Peach, the Toads and Master Toad to Delfina Island. While I'm flying, Peach notices, watching a video about Delfina Island, of a figure in all respects similar to Mario holding a brush in his hand. The oddities continue until the group arrives on the island and…. we will not reveal any further so as not to spoil the surprise. 
The goal of the game is essentially to recover the Only Keepers by completing certain missions. There are 7 levels in Super Mario Sunshine, as well as secret and unlockable ones. It starts from Delfinia and, having obtained all the Guardian Suns, you can access the Corona Volcano, where Bowser has his refuge. Mario attacks using a water device, the Splac 3000.

In Gelato Beach, or any other level where there are Bubbas (the big goldfish that carries Mario underwater), you can stop these fish if you pick up a piece of fruit and start swimming with it. The Bubbas will still follow Mario, but will not be able to grab him. 

First, go to the Delfino Plaza and collect 100 coins. Next, you find the plant on a roof, the one that catapults you into a building for the cost of a coin. Collect the star in the building and when you start again at Delfino Plaza, you will have 99 coins. Collect another coin and you will get an extra life. Repeat this trick as many times as you like.

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