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    Super Mario Run: Secrets, Coins and Unlockable Characters

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    Tricks Super Mario Run : Secrets, Coins and Unlockable Characters - Super Mario Run finally brings the world's most famous plumber to IOS (and soon to Adroid too, though you don't know when). The game is an endless run in the style of temple run but with some differences. First of all: the game is free only in its first 3 levels. To play the next levels you will need to buy Super Mario Run for 9.99 euros. Then you will not only find gold coins in the game but also pink, purple and black coins. These will be the real key to complete the game, as we will see later. The variety of the game is also ensured by a series of unlockable characters: Princess Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, Toadette that can be played instead of Mario in Super Mario Run . However, unlocking them is not easy, let's see in detail everything there is to know about the secrets and tricks of Super Mario Run :

    - The composition of the worlds and how to Super Mario Run
    - Tricks Super Mario Run
    - Easy Coins Super Mario Run
    - Unlocking Secret Characters

    - Around the world
    6 worlds for 24 levels with always different and really characteristic settings. On the other hand, Nintendo has never lacked great level design skills: from ghosts to swamps, from plains to forests, there's nothing missing in the setting at Super Mario Run .

    - Toad Challenges

    These challenges vaguely resemble those of Mario Party. They will be useful to get the Toads of various Kingdoms. Toad Challenges are therefore a very important part of the game.

    N.B. You'll need Toad Challenges tickets that you can obtain in a variety of ways, such as completing worlds or mini-games in your kingdom.

    - Kingdom
    More than 100 different elements to build an ever-growing kingdom made up of houses, elements and anything else you can bring Luigi, Mario, Yoshi, etc. to life!

    Tricks Super Mario Run

    The game essentially consists of pressing your finger on the screen with the right amount of time. Being an endless run that winks at the platformer there are no particular tricks to report: Nintendo has in fact created a game that is almost untouchable by cheats and hacks. However, we have collected a few secrets and tricks for you to complete the game:

    - Enter the game every day, even if you don't have time to play. The game gives you rewards especially useful to build your kingdom if you enter every day in the game, even if you do not have time to play. Super Mario Run

    - The game is complete only when you have collected the five black coins. What are black coins? It's soon said. Super Mario Run is made to be replayed several times because. The first time you compose the game you will have to try to collect the five pink coins scattered around the worlds, of course they are placed sometimes in not very comfortable positions. If you manage to finish the game with the five pink coins, the next time you start the game there will be scattered around the worlds five coins of When you die in Super Mario Run you will be transported back to the mainland by a bubble. If you see in the top right corner you can use a button twice in each level that takes you back so that if you missed pink, purple or black coins you can easily pick them up. Also, if you go back you will collect the coins that are on the way back!


    -TOAD: To unlock Toad you must log into the game using your Nintendo account, or by linking your Nintendo account while you're in the game. If you don't have a Nintendo account, you can create one at any time. What's special about TOAD is that it's the fastest character available.

    -PEACH: To unlock Peach you just need to complete the game 1 time with all the missions and all the worlds of Super Mario Run . Her special skill is to be able to jump by doing a pirouette which allows her to jump longer and glide gently on the ground.

    -YOSHI: To unlock Yoshi, you must build his house in Kingdom mode after accumulating the necessary credits in Toad Challenge mode. It takes 30 Red Toads and 30 Green Toads to unlock Yoshi. This character's acruptness is his ability to float through the air and reach areas inaccessible to other characters. Yoshi will be unthinkable to collect black coins!

    -LUIGI: To unlock Luigi you must build his house in Kingdom mode after accumulating the necessary credits in "Toad Challenge" mode. You need 150 Purple Toads and 150 Green Toads to unlock Luigi. Luigi's ability, being the highest character of all, is to jump higher than the others.

    -TOADETTE: To unlock Toadette, you must build her house in Kingdom mode after accumulating the necessary credits in "Toad Challenge" mode. To unlock Toadette you need 200 Red, 200 Green, 200 Blue, 200 Purple and 200 Yellow Toads. So it's a really tough challenge that will require a lot of patience. Obviously to unlock Toadette you must already have Peach and therefore have completed the game at least once.

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