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Super Mario Land is a famous videogame developed in 1989 by Nintendo for the portable console of the time, the Game Boy. The arrival of the game in Europe took place the following year, in 1990, precisely in September.

Super Mario Land is the first Game Boy video game starring the mustachioed plumber with the red hat. The game was also the console's launch title in Japan and North America. A game that personally thrilled me at the time, “stealing” whole afternoons spent trying to improve my personal best.
Sold in 18 million copies, Super Mario Land is not too demanding a video game but not as simple as it might seem, especially when you consider that the game cannot be saved at any time. You have to finish it in one go, so watch out for the batteries. This engaging platformer has a sequel, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, which is also very funny. Let's see together the tricks and codes to finish the first episode smoothly.

When you finish the game, press any key while on the title screen. The cursor will change from being a mushroom to Mario's face. Press START to start a new game in expert mode, with more and much more insidious enemies.

Normally, during the periods of invincibility guaranteed by the Stars, each eliminated enemy is worth 100 points. However, if you shoot a Super Ball at an enemy, it will be worth 400 or 800 points; each enemy killed with the Star after the first one will be worth the same score.

Beat the game twice in a row, then keep pressing A to activate the level selection to start from. The more times you press A, the higher the level you can start from.

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