Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Guide to Basic Enemies

Here's a quick and comprehensive guide to the nearly seventy basic enemies we'll encounter in all the various galaxies we'll need to set foot in Super Mario Galaxy 2 . For each enemy there's a quick physical description and details of how they're to be dealt with and eventually defeated - all enemies are listed in alphabetical order and not on the galaxies.

Present exclusively in marine galaxies, to be defeated the Womp must be illuminated by the light of a shell, which causes them to explode on impact - their shape is reminiscent of a noodle with one eye on top;

Banzai Bill: The Banzai Bills are huge bullets to occur only using the power of an Iris flower;

Belldozer: Belldozers are flat turtles, the only way to defeat these enemies is by a crash jump performed when the enemy is on a grate - which will send him legs in the air out of the planetoid;

Birispino: Birispino are enemies directly related to the use of the special power given by the Mushroom Rock. They are simple enemies placed on the ground as bowling pins and how bowling pins can be eliminated, just run over them when Mario is transformed into Rock Mario;

Bob-bomb: The Bob-bombs are small round black bombs that at the sight of Mario will light the fuse changing their state from a small black bomb to a bigger bomb and to use this enemy to get rid of others, just perform a pirouette that will send the enemy legs to the air to allow the plumber to take him in his hands and have a few seconds to aim and throw the unlucky Bob-bomb towards other enemies;

Dancing Blossom: The Dancing Blossom is a small enemy, the size of a Goomba, which has two stages, the bulb stage and the blooming version. In the first case it will be enough to perform a pirouette or a jump on the enemy to defeat him, in the second we must move away and wait for him to resume the appearance of a bulb to be defeated;

Bombagallo: In the form of a cute flying hen, Bombagallo are enemies that float halfway down the area dropping bombs on Mario. In order to be defeated, you'll need to use the stars to make them fall from the sky - follow their movements by spotting their shadow - so you can jump on them or perform a pirouette;

Boo and Mega Boo:
Boo and Mega Boo are shy little spirits who, if you look directly at them, will stop instantly without reaching our cute mustachioed plumber - if you turn your back on them, these enemies will catch up and hurt you. The two cannot be defeated in any way, but with a pirouette they will fall to the ground giving us a few seconds to get away from them;

Bros: Bros are advanced Koopas capable of keeping straight on their hind legs and generally armed with boomerang. In order to defeat these enemies it is necessary to approach them and perform a pirouette;

Bowsermatic Piccino: The Bowsermatic Piccino is an armoured miniature Koopa capable of throwing a blaze of fire at Mario. A simple jump will not cause any damage to the enemy, the only way to beat him is to perform a crash jump;

Calamako: The Calamako are cute squid-shaped enemies that inhabit marine galaxies and can easily be avoided because they don't go to Mario's direct attack. To beat them you need to hit him with a shell;

Categnaccio and Hunting Categnaccio: Categnaccio and Hunting Categnaccio are two similar types of enemies, both have the shape of a big ball, the first only way to defeat these enemies is through the use of the flower Iris;

Cimicy: Cimicy are long yellow and orange insects that are slow and easy to overcome without damage. To be defeated you can take advantage of a pirouette that will send them directly out of the planet's gravity;

Freezer: Freezers are instant round enemies. In order to be defeated you need to do a pirouette first to remove all the ice around the enemy and then a jump on it to throw it away - it's very important not to throw it into the water or the Frozen will regenerate;

Don Box:
The Don Boxes are the self-propelled versions of the Twomp, in fact they are huge cubes of rock that will move following a precise line along the planets. There is no system to beat them, so they can be bypassed - if we take the right distances, we can also end up under a Don Box, inside the creature is hollow and Mario will not suffer any damage;

Duplimario: The Duplimario are some of the most tenacious enemies, it is in fact a purple shadow that will appear behind our plumber copying every move a few steps away. We'll never be attacked directly, but the problem they create is the roadblock behind us - just move sideways to get past them;

Yummo: Yummo are large dinosaur heads that will eat whatever is around them, including the floor, which will reappear after a short time. Jumping on a Yummo we will stop it for a few moments, but there is no system that allows us to eliminate them permanently, the only one is to go around them and continue;

Goombas and Flying Goombas: Goombas are Mario's historical enemies, the typical mushrooms that can be beaten simply by jumping on them, pirouetting or getting hit by the stars - the bigger the size of the Goombas, the bigger the jumps needed to defeat them. In their flying form the Goombas will have to be hit twice, the first time to eliminate the wings and the second time to eliminate them;

Goombelmetto: Goombelmettos are goombas with a metal helmet on their heads, a symbol of forced evolution to Mario's attacks. However, you can also easily defeat the Goombelmettos, in fact, just perform a pirouette to send them legs to the air and jump on them in this stage;

Granky: The Grankies, cute little crabs from having to pirouette behind the enemy, the hard shell protects the Grankies from jumping over them;

Idroragno: The Idroragno are aquatic enemies that remain close to the surface of the sea and waiting patiently for Mario to pass near or below to attack him. Given their position, attacking them to eliminate them is a complicated thing, if we are still with our feet on the ground we take advantage of the jump, otherwise we launch some astrocrackers in order to stun them and move away;

Jack O'Goomba: The Jack O'Goomba are an advanced version of Goomba, and they're totally covered in a pumpkin-shaped robe that protects them from Mario's jumping attack. In order to be defeated you must first perform a pirouette to eliminate the Goomba's protection and then jump on him to get him out of the way too;

Kamek: Kamek are little duck shaped wizards with a purple suit that can perform spells to make Goomba, Koopa and fire or ice attacks appear. Despite their strong attacking skills, these enemies are extremely weak in defense, just throw a spell at them to block spells and perform a pirouette or jump on the lotus head to defeat them - the important thing though is to move quickly because in addition to attack spells, the Kamek also use a teleportation spell;

Koopa: Definitely the most historical of Mario's enemies, the Koopa are in fact the yellow turtles with green shell and the technique to beat them is always the same, a first jump on the shell to blow them up and a second to get them out of the way before it's long enough for the Koopa to get back on his feet;

The Koopistrice are armour-plated Koopa, the shell logo is bristling with spines, taking away Mario's chance to jump on them to eliminate them - and any other attack will be totally useless, the only one is to go around them. Unlike Mario, however, Yoshi can attack these enemies by sticking them in his mouth and throwing them at the first available target immediately afterwards;

Lakitu: Lakitu are turtles that use the clouds to fly over Mario and launch other types of enemies at him. In order to beat him, we'll have to remove the cloud from under his body, using Yoshi, the only one who can attack a cloud in this way. As soon as the Lakitu is on the ground, we reach and perform a pirouette before he has time to recreate his cloud;

Sentinel laser: Laser Sentinel: Laser Sentinel can not actually be called monsters, it is in fact a simple automatic turret that follows Mario's movements and releases a laser beam in case the hydraulic moustache gets too close to it.

Magambruto and Magmabruto Bros: Basic Magmabruto and Bros are huge monsters of glowing lava that Mario will not be able to attack or eliminate in any way, so the only one is to stay away from them and overcome them after taking the right pace following their movements;

Marghibulbo: Present in sandy areas, Marghibulbo are enemies who attack with spines popping out of the sand. In order to defeat them, you must first throw a spark to stun them and then pirouette or kick them away from the planet;

Marrana: The Marrana is a falling frog the moment it gets hit by a pirouette - followed by a jump to beat it permanently;

Medusilla: Inhabitant of marine galaxies, the Medusilla is an electric enemy that activates its attack when Mario is near it. In order to defeat and eliminate a Medusilla, it is necessary to launch them against two shells;

Mogucci: Mogucci are big moles that dig underground and come out to attack Mario directly. The only way to beat these enemies is to perform a crash jump next to them so you can pull them out of their lair and use the few moments of stun to jump on them and get them out of the way;

Bullet Bill: Bullet Bills are the younger sons of the Banzai Bills, they are always completely black bullets, but they are smaller in shape and have the ability to change direction from the one they are fired from. The only way to beat them is by using Yoshi and his voracious appetite, or by having them crash into a wall or an enemy between us and Bullet Bill;

Boa Fish: Boa Fish are long snakes that require the use of a shell;

Urchin Fish: Like most sea creatures, the Urchin Fish can only be beaten by throwing a shell. However, it is very important not to stay close to the enemy or it will attack us by throwing spines;

Smack Fish: The Smack Fish, small and an enemy that inhabits marine galaxies and can only be defeated by throwing a shell;

Piranha Plant: Piranha Plants are real plants that can perform a quick attack in the direction Mario is headed, but thanks to their stem the range of their attack is still limited. In order to be able to beat them, you must first use a stunner to stun them and immediately after a pirouette to detach them from the ground and make them fly away;

Pippy: Pippies are purple bats found only in galaxies full of caves and ravines. In order to be beaten, you need to throw an astrocracker on them so that they can be knocked to the ground and jump on them;

Poliboo: Halfway between a poliboom and a Boo, the Poliboo is a neutral enemy that will not attack Mario in any way and over which Mario has no power to destroy him, the only one is to jump on or overtake him to conquer the treasure they usually protect on the head and continue the adventure;

Octopus, Octopus and Polypot: Octopuses are creatures similar to Goombas with the only difference that they are the system to attack and defeat them is the same that is used with Goombas, i.e. the jump over their heads. Octopuses are an improved version of Octopuses,

Spider Boing and Bizzoragno: These two versions of Spider are easy to eliminate, for the first ones that simply walk on the ground, pirouettes or jumps are enough, while for the second ones it is necessary first to perform several concatenated attacks in order to detach them from the spider wire on which they move up and down;

Rhomp: Rhomp are giant rolls of rock against which Mario can do nothing but run away from their trajectory;

Marine Hedgehogs: Marine Hedgehogs are enemies present exclusively in marine galaxies and are on the seabed ready to hit Mario with their shaggy thorns as soon as the hydraulic mustache gets close to them. Like almost all aquatic creatures, the best way to beat them is to throw them against a shell;

Robobaby: Robobabies are little robots who try to attack Mario directly to make him jump backwards and get him over the edge of the planet. Just like their bigger version, the Robopunta, the Robobaby are beatable with a simple pirouette;

Robopunta: The Robopunta, present in two different pirouette, but unlike the red Robopunta that have a sting on the top of the disc, the green ones can be used as trampolines thanks to their spring neck and the absence of the tip on the top:

Ronzelmetto: These flying enemies of Yoshi's use - just eat them and you'll turn them into shrapnel. Overcoming a ronzelmetto is simple, however, this enemy moves exclusively on vertical lines going up and down continuously, so just pick up the pace and simply overtake it;

Rovo Piranha and Rovo Piranha Iracondo: The basic Rovo Piranha and Iracondo are much larger versions of the simpler Piranha Plants, but despite their size, the system to eliminate them is the same. Let's make the attack by standing still for a few moments and when the Plant is ready to execute its attack, let's move and use the pirouette to launch it far away - let's avoid executing the attack on the Iracondo version since it's full of spines, let's simply move on;

Jumper: Jumpers are enemies only present in galaxies with variable gravity, so in order to be eliminated this enemy must be upside down and allow Mario to jump on his abdomen - don't try to jump on him when he's standing and you'll be injured by the sting the Jumper has on his back;

Snubby: Snubby are enemies present exclusively in the galaxies where Yoshi will be helping us, these enemies are connected to the small dinosaur and their attack consists in attacking Yoshi's face preventing him from using his voracious attack;

The Scarafetor is a cockroach-shaped insect you need to jump on its back by landing on it with a crash - a normal jump will do absolutely nothing to it.

Slurpino: Slurpinos are enemies at the mercy of other enemies. In order to eliminate a Slurpino you must perform a double pirouette, the first to stun it and the second to throw it far away;

Spalmelectro: The Spalmelectro is a double-shape enemy, purple peg or yellow disc. In its first form the enemy is harmless and only in this case it can be defeated using a pirouette, but in its second form of yellow disc, the enemy will turn into an electric field capable of killing on impact;

Stun: Stuntmen are sharp black enemies that can in no way be defeated, so you simply have to go around or jump over them to get past them;

Talpone Soldier: Talpone Soldiers are enemies in the Bowser galaxy aboard self-propelled cannons with which they will be able to fire Bill Bullets at Mario. To beat these enemies you need to jump over them a couple of times - if you're in Yoshi's company, all you need to do is pick up Bullet Bill and send him back to sender;

Tartosso: Tartosso are dead Koopa who can only be defeated through the power of an Iris flower. Jumping on these enemies will reduce them to a pile of bones, which will give us a few meters of advantage before they recompose;

Torcibruco: Torcibruco are enemies with the pointed shape of a completely moustachioed man caterpillar. In order to beat this enemy you need to perform a crash jump so as to blow the Torcibruco's legs off and use these few seconds to jump over his abdomen eliminating him;

Auger: The Auger are enemies completely to beat them you must perform a crash jump near them;

Twomp: Twomp are large square stones that always move at a precise pace and that Mario can use to level up. As enemies instead Twomp are among the worst, ending up under one of these leads Mario to lose a whole life and the mustachioed plumber has no special system or power to beat this enemy;

Vampy: The Vampy are the fiery version of Frozen, so it is an enemy wrapped around the hot lava that to be eliminated requires a first pirouette to eliminate the lava and immediately after a kick or jump to throw it far away. Just like the Frostbite, it is important not to throw the Vampy into the fire or lava or they will regenerate;

Vampy: Vampy are large, fat blue birds armed with a horn on their back that they will use to attack Mario by crashing into the ground on their back to try to hit the enemy. The only way to defeat them is to force them to perform this attack by staying in their shadow and as soon as they crash to the ground, we jump on their bare abdomen to defeat them;

Womp: Womp are the mobile version of Twomp, this enemy is a large square section of rock that will run into Mario face-first. In order to eliminate him we'll have to have Womp perform this attack of his so that he'll perform a crash jump on his back - just like Twomp, Womp's attack is directly deadly.

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