Super Mario Bros. 2 NES cheats

Super Mario Bros. 2 is a video game for NES published in Europe and USA in 1988 and in Japan instead only in 1992. In the Japanese country it is entitled Super Mario USA.

Second installment of the Mario series, Super Mario Bros. 2 is different from its predecessor: it is indeed a platform, but conceptually quite different from the first chapter. The game is essentially a remake of the Japanese title Doki Doki Panic. The plot is as follows: one evening Mario has a bad dream, in which there was a very long staircase at the end of which there was a door. After opening the door, Mario finds himself catapulted into a world unknown to him.
He hears a voice saying "Welcome to Subcon", the land of dreams. The voice explains to Mario that the villagers have been cursed by Wart and are now under a powerful spell. Mario must defeat Wart and break the spell that condemns the inhabitants of this world. Mario is helped by Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad. The player at the start of each level can choose from these 4 characters, each of which has a special ability. Luigi jumps very high, Peach floats for a moment in the air and Toad is very agile, while Mario is the most balanced character of all.


Go to world 1-3 and find a potion. Now find the vase near the brick building, on the far right side of the level. Leave the potion and go to the Sub-Space and then go through the warp that is in the pot (stand on top of it and press DOWN). You will be transported to the world 4.

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