Super Double Dragon SNES cheats and codes

Super Double Dragon is a side scrolling fighting game developed by Technos Japan Corporation and published in 1992 by Taito for Super Nintendo.

The plot of the game is good or bad the same as that of the previous chapters: you play as martial arts kids and you can choose between Billy e Jimmy, the only ones able to defeat the Shadow Warriors criminal gang. There are many moves available to our ages: they range from kicks to punches, from jumping with a kick to parade, without forgetting the numerous weapons such as sticks, knives and nunchaku.
One of the main novelties of Super Double Dragon is precisely the possibility of parrying attacks, which in previous episodes it was not possible to do. Parrying shots is not easy, but with a little practice this possibility is very useful.

When you only have one credit left and both players die and CONTINUE appears, on controller 1 and controller 2 you must press START at the same time. By doing so you will have 7 credits available.

When a knife-wielding enemy appears on the screen, try to hit the weapon and not the enemy; doing so you can take the knife and the enemy will look for other knives that will also be at your disposal. The same trick goes with dynamite.

To complete the game with relative ease, knock your opponent out with an elbow and turn around, hitting him with a second elbow; doing so will eliminate the enemies without giving them a chance to react. The trick also works with end-of-level bosses.

Super Double Dragon - SNES


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