Super Castlevania IV SNES passwords and codes

Super Castlevania IV it's a platform game genre developed and published by Konami. It is the first chapter of the Castlevania saga to be published for Super Nintendo Entertainment System and is basically a remake of the first Castlevania.

The protagonist of one of the most beautiful games for SNES it is still Simon Belmont but the video game presents levels totally new, captivating and colorful 16-bit graphics and a soundtrack made up of unreleased songs mixed with others in remix version. The result is superb overall. 
As in the other chapters bearing the same name, also in Super Castlevania IV Simon can use a 'secondary weapon: you can collect crucifixes, axes, holy water, daggers and even a clock that can stop time. In order to use these secondary weapons, however, it is necessary to use the special hearts that are found in the various levels.


The game is a real challenge, so tips and tricks they certainly cannot spoil!

Complete the game once to be able to play it in "Hard" mode.

In the last level, before climbing the stairs that lead you to Count Dracula, jump down to the left. You will land on an invisible platform.

At this point, move to the left edge of the screen and you will get maximum energy, 99 hearts, a cross, a maximum level whip and a stone III.

Super Castlevania IV - SNES


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