Sunset Riders Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

Sunset riders it is one of the most beautiful scrolling shooter of the 90s, we want to say it from the beginning. Personal opinion, absolutely, the one concerning the video game developed by Konami and released in arcade version in 1991. 

The video game came converted shortly thereafter also for Sega Mega Drive (1992) and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1993). Sunset Riders is set in the Far West, with the player - or players as it can also be played in 2 player mode - controlling a bounty hunter.
Each level opens with a photo of a wanted, a "wanted" found at the end of the stage, as a boss to defeat. The characters that can be selected are four, all very characteristic and with their weapons and peculiarities.

Steve: a blond-haired cowboy armed with two Colt pistols. He wears a brown hat, a black vest, a yellow shirt and brown leather pants. Instead, he wears a purple band around his neck.
Billy: also blond and armed with two Colts. He's got blue shirt and pants, he's wearing a hat and he's got brown boots.
Bob: armed with a rifle, he has long blond hair and a red hat that falls behind his back. The waistcoat is brown and the trousers are aqua green.
Cormano: the fourth bounty hunter, perhaps the most beloved. Of clear Mexican origin, black hair and beard, he is armed with a rifle and wears a pink poncho, fuchsia pants and brown boots with chrome spurs. His sombrero is also pink.

In the options screen, play the music 0E, then use the “EXIT” option to return to the main menu. Start the game and you will have 99 credits available.

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