Suikoden II PS1 cheats

Suicide II it's a role-playing video game in Japanese style developed and published by Konami in 1998 for the console Sony PlayStation. In Europe the video game arrived only two years later, in 2000.

Compared to the first Suikoden, the second chapter boasts improved graphics but still not up to par with most of the other titles marketed in that period. What really captivates is the story, complex and exciting to the right point to attract the attention of many gamers. The game is set three years after Suikoden, in the Northwest Territories of the Republic of Toran.
The invasion of Prince Luca Blight against the City States is narrated and the protagonists of the tale are two friends who are given a half of the Rune of the Beginning each. These are Riou, who receives the Shining Shield Rune, and Jowy Atreides who instead receives the Black Sword Rune. The two friends, however, put themselves at the head of the two opposing armies, that of the rebels and that of the Highland.

When you invade the Highlands, place Tsai in Viktor's unit. If you are lucky enough, the Fire Spear will defeat Leon and you can watch his speech.

Before jumping off the cliff at the beginning of the game, remove the boots from Riou's equipment and put them on Joky. When Pohl asks you for two pairs of boots, get 3 from Barbara. Equip Riou with two pairs and talk to Barbara again - she will allow you to get 3 extra pairs of boots.

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