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    Stronghold PC cheats and codes

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    Stronghold it's a real time strategy video game developed in 2001 for PC da Firefly studios and set in medieval times. Compared to other strategy games of the time, Stronghold is slightly different: it focuses more on life within the castle walls than on battle strategy, which still has the siege of the various castles as its fulcrum.

    Stronghold has released numerous sequels: Stronghold: Crusader (set in the Middle East at the time of the Crusades) released in 2002, Stronghold Warchest from 2005, Stronghold Legends with clear fantasy settings and Stronghold Crusader Extreme from 2009. Stronghold and Stronghold 2 also feature two expansions (which consist of an addition of game maps): Stronghold Deluxe and Stronghold 2 Deluxe. In 2011, 10 years after the release of the first chapter, the third chapter of the saga was also published: Stronghold 3.
    The game takes place in a medieval kingdom, with the Italian version of the videogame starting from January 1066 and set in Italy. The king attempts to invade an enemy kingdom, but is captured. At that point four mighty lords (The Rat, The Serpent, The Pig and The Wolf) want to divide the kingdom and keep it for themselves, while only 2 lords (Sir Longarm and Lord Woolsack) remain loyal to the king.

    You, as a player, are at their service and must kill all 4 opposing lords.


    Defeating the selected enemy: ALT + Z
    Destroy the main fortress: Alt + G
    Destroy the enemy fortress: Alt + K
    Level up a unit: ALT + L
    Level up characters: ALT + P
    100 popularity and 1000 gold pieces: ALT + X
    Everything for free: ALT + F
    Change date: ALT + S
    DEBUG mode: ALT + D
    Faster gameplay: ALT + Q
    Defeat all enemies on screen: ALT + Y

    Stronghold - PC

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