Strider Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

Strider it's a video game developed in 1989 by the Capcom first in arcade format and later converted for numerous consoles and home computers. Perhaps the best version is the one developed for the 16-bit console Sega Mega Drive.

The history of the videogame develops from the beginning since 1998, when the Earth slowly began to recover from a frightening series of cataclysms that had brought it to its knees. Suddenly strange lights appear in the Kafazu region of Eastern Europe and three days later the area is invaded by mysterious creatures who raze to the ground anything that stands in front of them. In a short time, every corner of the planet is in the same conditions. 
The cause of this is an evil individual known as Grandmaster Meio, who has been studying life on Earth from a distant nebula since time immemorial. Meio had a space base, known as the Third Moon, built between Earth and the Moon, which would serve his troops as a location from which to proceed with the invasion and devastation of the world and to him as a control center. 

Hence the actual plot of Strider, set in 2048, the year in which by now 80% of the living creatures of planet Earth have been eliminated. But some still resist, like our hero Strider Hiryu, a warrior who starts from the remote island of Moralos to defeat Meio and restore the world to normal. Strider is characterized by frantic action, with the protagonist able to perform real moves ninja, for example somersaults, acrobatics, very agile jumps and so on. Strider comes with a grappling hook and aplasma cutting weapon called Falchion, which remotely resembles a scimitar.

During the opening sequence press:
A, C, B, C, A, Start

To get infinite continues, first insert the Altered Beast cartridge into your Sega Mega Drive. As soon as the splash screen appears, remove the cartridge from the Mega Drive without turning off the console. Insert the Strider cartridge and reset the system. To find out if the trick worked, go to the options menu. If you can't move with the directional arrows, then it worked. You can then play and use as many continues as you like.

On the home screen, press:
UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, A, B, B, A, C, START. You will be invincible.

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