Streets of Rage 3 Mega Drive cheat

Streets of Rage 3, which in Japan is better known as Bare Knuckle III, it's a beat'em up video game scrolling developed and distributed by SEGA in 1994 for Sega Mega Drive.

The game is obviously the sequel to Streets of Rage 2, in which Mr. X had been sonorously. Nevertheless, the bad guy on duty returns and once again weaves the ranks of his criminal organization, the Syndicate, this time aided by the mad scientist Dr. Dahm. Man is universally considered the greatest genius in the field of robotics. 
Dahm thus creates replicating robots that Mr. X has every intention of using to replace the authorities of the city and thus take total control. Mr. X also wants to plant bombs in strategic points of the city, so it's up to Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, Dr. Zan and Eddie “Skate” Hunter to foil the man's plans. In addition to these characters, there are also Shiva and Roo, which can be unlocked in the course of the game. 

Streets of Rage 3 boasts a gameplay very similar to that of its predecessor, although each character has two special attacks available, by performing which our energy bar does not decrease.

Go to the options screen and select the “Lives” option. Press and hold UP + A + B + C on Controller 2 and press LEFT or RIGHT on Controller 1 to select the number of lives to start the game with. You will now be able to select up to a maximum of 9 lives against 5 by default.

Hold DOWN + C on Controller 2 when selecting 2 PLAYER mode with Controller 1.

Streets of Rage 3 - Mega Drive


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