Streets of Rage 2 Mega Drive Cheats

Streets of Rage 2, also known by the title of Bare Knuckle II: The Requiem of the Deadly Battle is a scrolling fighting video game produced and distributed by SEGA in 1992.

Followed by the first, mythical Streets of Rage, the game precedes Streets of Rage 3: we are talking about three excellent titles, one more beautiful than the other and certainly a must-have in the collection if you love the Mega Drive. A year after the last battle, crime returns to threaten the quiet of the city; Mr. X, head of the criminal organization, is more powerful than before and wants to take revenge on the three policemen who defeated him in the first chapter.
Mr. X kidnaps Adam Hunter, one of the three boys, with the aim of leading the other two into a trap. Axel and Blaze, however, seek help from Max, an experienced wrestler and friend of Axel, and Eddy “Skate” Hunter, Adam's younger brother. The main difference with the first chapter is that in Streets of Rage 2 there is only one ending. The graphics are improved, more accurate and enriched with numerous details, and also the textures of the 4 characters are more detailed. The levels of the game are in total 8 and each, at the end, includes a fight with a boss at the end of the stage.


Go to the main menu. Hold A + B on Controller 2 while selecting OPTIONS. At this point you can select how many lives you want to start with (up to 9), choose the starting stage and play the VERY EASY and MANIA difficulties.

At the title screen, hold RIGHT and B on Controller 1 and hold LEFT and A on Controller 2. Press C on Controller 2 with all other keys still held down. Now both players will be able to choose the same character.

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