Street Gangs (River City Ransom) NES cheats and codes

Hugely popular title in Japan (with the name of "Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari"), In the United States (with the title"River City Ramsom") And in Europe, Street Gangs it's a fighting developed by Technos Japan Corporation to Nintendo Entertainment System.

Playable in single or two-player mode, Street Gangs is a linear beat'em up that stars Alex and Ryan, two students committed to ridding the city of bullies led by Slick and numerous other neighborhood bosses. 
With the help of improper weapons such as brass knuckles, stones, chains, pipes, sticks, tires and garbage cans (as well as shops where you can fill up with energy), the two boys have to "clean up" the various stages. If you find the game too difficult, or if you want to finish it without problems, here are the codes and tricks to finish it easily or almost.

During a 2-player game, when either player has very low energy, move both players close to the edge of the screen and intentionally kill the player with low energy level. Immediately switch screens and the dead player will reappear with all his coins intact, but with one life less.

To access the secret shop, Merlin's Mystery Shop, stand under the fourth light from the left side of the Armstrong Thru-Way Tunnel and press Up to enter.

These super passwords give you all the special moves, Texas Boots, maximum status in everything, enough cash to buy anything and all the defeated bosses except Slick.
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To change the names of the characters, in the character selection screen, press Select to go to a screen where you can change the names of Alex and Ryan at will.

Street Gangs (River City Ransom) - NES

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