State of Decay Guide 2: How to Recover Stamina

If you are already struggling with the dangerous game world of State of Decay 2, you will surely have understood how your survival depends on an infinite number of factors. Without a doubt, one of them is your Stamina. Like any ordinary human being, every action you make your characters perform will have a "cost" on the level of fatigue, and will affect the bar of Resistance, making it gradually decrease and tire your survivor more and more. There are many ways your character can run out of Stamina, from running too long to carrying too much weight in his backpack. However, the Resistance can also be recovered by letting the survivor in question rest. In this guidebook, we'll tell you how to get your character to sleep, making him or her recover Stamina.

State of Decay 2: How to get an exhausted character to retrieve Stamina.

There is little to go around: life is definitely hard in State of Decay 2. Spending a whole day exploring, raiding, running and, above all, killing zombies will make your characters exhausted and they'll only be able to regain their strength with a few hours of regenerating sleep. While it may seem like a simple task, figuring out where and how to sleep won't be immediate at all. In fact, before you can sleep, you'll first have to build your bed. As soon as you get to know your base, you will understand how you can build a whole range of structures and equipment, including beds. If you have the necessary space and resources, you can decide to make beds of various kinds, or even barracks in which to rest your survivors.

You will not fail to notice when your character will need to sleep; at some point, on a gray section of the Stamina bar, in the lower left corner, will appear an icon with the letters "ZZZ", which will make us understand the need for rest of the survivor in question. As mentioned above, our character will lose resistance as he gets tired performing the various actions that we will order him to perform. While coffee can be a temporary solution, a good night's sleep should really solve any kind of problem related to tiredness. However, the moment you decide to let a certain character rest, another survivor will have to take his place and, if so, carry out the mission on his behalf.

Summing up, to make your character sleep in State of Decay 2 you'll have to follow these steps:

  • Locate one of the beds at the base or outpost;
  • Interact with the bed to make its menu appear;
  • Select the Action icon;
  • On the next screen, choose a survivor to play with while your character recovers his strength;

How to sleep in State of Decay 2 co-op mode

Don't tire your characters too much, you may regret it bitterly.

As we said earlier, the moment one of your characters has to sleep, you'll be forced to use another survivor. Precisely for this reason, we recommend that you level several characters at once, so that the survivors are always up to the task. However, if your character is tired and there are no beds nearby, you can always resort to good old caffeine. In the kitchen of your base it will be possible to produce coffee, but be careful: this drink can only be a temporary solution, as its effects will fade very but very quickly.

If you're playing co-operative guest mode in State of Decay 2 and your survivor needs to sleep, simply follow the steps above. Head to the base or outpost of the guest player and interact with one of the beds. When the time comes to exchange one survivor for another, the guest can only choose from their own survivor community. After swapping characters, the fatigued character will rest and regenerate their Stamina after a short period of time. Always keep in mind that survivors tend to get tired quickly in State of Decay 2, so be sure to keep an eye on the resistance bar at all times, and let anyone who needs it rest when necessary.

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